News: Peter Hammill Releases New Album In November

Peter Hammill releases new cd in November.

News: District 97 Release Live Album Featuring John Wetton

District 97 Featuring John Wetton Release One More Red Night: Live In Chicago.

News: Pain Of Salvation Debut First Track For Falling Home

Pain Of Salvation's debut first track of the new album.

News: Osada Vida Release Lyric Video For King Of Isolation

Osada Vida unveils lyric video for first single of the new album.

Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy Or 1 CD Of Elephants Of Scotland's Second Studio Album

As part of our Band Of The Month feature, Elephants Of Scotland and Progshine are giving away 6 copies of their new album for free!

News: The Gentle Storm - New Group Of Arjen Lucassen & Anneke Van Giersbergen

The Gentle Storm project sign with InsideOut label.

News: Elephants Of Scotland Launch Live Video For Amber Waves

Elephants Of Sctoland: new live video and live dates.

News: Devin Townsend Launch Lyric Video For Deathray

New Devin Townsend lyric video is online!

Review: Distorted Harmony - Chain Reaction (2014)

Artist: Distorted Harmony
Album: Chain Reaction
Release date: July 9, 2014
Label: Self released

News: Enchant Release New Album - The Great Divide - First In Eleven Years

Enchant release first studio album in 11 years.

News: Pain Of Salvation Announces New Album, Falling Home

Pain Of Salvation's re-recordings album will finally see the light of day.

Band Of The Month: Elephants Of Scotland

This is a new feature here on Progshine! Every month we'll have a new band/artist that will be the spotlight of the month.

News: Pink Floyd Roll Out Plans For 'The Endless River,' First LP In 20 Year

"'The Endless River' is a tribute to Rick Wright," says Nick Mason. "His playing was at the heart of the Pink Floyd sound".

Review: Vangelis And The Journey To Ithaka (2013) [DVD]

Artist: Vangelis
Album: Vangelis And The Journey To Ithaka
Release date: November 25, 2013
Label: Gonzo Multimedia

News: Transatlantic Launch Live Video For Black As The Sky

Transatlantic release video for live box that will be released in October.

Review: L'Albero Del Veleno - Le Radici Del Male (2013)

Artist: L'Albero Del Veleno
Album: Le Radici Del Male
Release date: 2013
Label: Lizard Records

News: Kingcrow Reveal Album Teaser

Italian band Kingcrow reveal teaser from new album.

Review: Aurora Lunare - Aurora Lunare (2013)

Artist: Aurora Lunare
Album: Aurora Lunare
Release date: 2013
Label: Lizard Records/Locanda Del Vento

Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy Or 1 CD Of Distorted Harmony's Second Studio Album

Picture: Ofir Abe

Distorted Harmony began their journey in 2009, with a collaboration between the composer and keyboardist Yoav Efron and drummer Yogev Gabay.

News: Rush Celebrate 40 Years With R40

Set features live footage spanning all four decades of their career.

News: Transatlantic Release Live Box KaLIVEoscope In October

Transatlantic release live box in October.

News: Dominican Band El Trio Release Live DVD

Republic Dominican group El Trio release its first DVD.

News: Dream Theater Release Blu-Ray/DVD, The Looking Glass

Dream Theater release video recorded at the Boston Opera House.

News: Haken Announce New EP, Restoration

Haken have confirmed the release of a three-track EP.

News: Osada Vida Unveil Artwork For The After-Effect

Osada Vida unveils artwork for their new album.

Review: Dream The Electric Sleep - Heretics (2014)

Artist: Dream The Electric Sleep
Album: Heretics
Release date: January 31st, 2014
Label: Self released

Dream The Electric Sleep

Artist: Dream The Electric Sleep / Country: USA / Style: Crossover Prog / Period: 2009 - present

News: Distorted Harmony Reveals Live Video

Distorted Harmony launches live video.

LISTEN: Jack Dupon (Avant Prog / France)

Band: Jack Dupon / Country: France / Sub Genre: Avant Prog Prog+RIO

Band Of The Month: Distorted Harmony

Picture: Ofir Abe

This is a new feature here on Progshine! Every month we'll have a new band/artist that will be the spotlight of the month.

News: Martin Barre Announces Studio Album Featuring Jethro Tull Classics

Ex-Jethro Tull guitar player, Martin Barre, releases album with Tull versions.

News: Schnauser Reveal New Album Protein For Everyone

Schnauser have confirmed the launch of their album Protein For Everyone via Esoteric Antenna.

Interview: Mike Kershaw

Today's interview brings forth our latest Band Of The Month artist Mike Kershaw.

News: Threshold Release New Album For The Journey

Threshold unleashes new studio album.

News: Genesis Release Another Compilation Box

Genesis release yet another compilation...

News: Lunatic Soul Reveal Title, Release Date and Tracklist Of New Album

Lunatic Soul reveal all info about new album.

Review: Ingranaggi Della Valle - In Hoc Signo (2013)

Artist: Ingranaggi Della Valle
Album: In Hoc Signo
Release date: May 16, 2013
Label: Black Widow

Ingranaggi Della Valle

Artist: Ingranaggi Della Valle / Country: Italy / Style: Symphony Prog / Period: 2010 - present

News: Osada Vida Reveal Title And Release Date Of Their New Album

Osada Vida announce title and date of release of new album.

Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy Or 1 CD Of Mike Kershaw's New Studio Album

Our Band Of The Month is the solo musician Mike Kershaw.

Review: Orgia Pravednikov - Vpered I Vverkh (2014)

Artist: Orgia Pravednikov
Album: Вперед и вверх (Vpered I Vverkh)
Release date: February 19, 2014
Label: Self released

News: Kotebel Release New Live Album And Announce Concert Dates

Kotebel releases its first live album.
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