News: Genesis Release Another Compilation Box

Genesis release yet another compilation...

News: Lunatic Soul Reveal Title, Release Date and Tracklist Of New Album

Lunatic Soul reveal all info about new album.

Review: Ingranaggi Della Valle - In Hoc Signo (2013)

Artist: Ingranaggi Della Valle
Album: In Hoc Signo
Release date: May 16, 2013
Label: Black Widow

Ingranaggi Della Valle

Artist: Ingranaggi Della Valle / Country: Italy / Style: Symphony Prog / Period: 2010 - present

News: Osada Vida Reveal Title And Release Date Of Their New Album

Osada Vida announce title and date of release of new album.

Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy Or 1 CD Of Mike Kershaw's New Studio Album

Our Band Of The Month is the solo musician Mike Kershaw.

Review: Orgia Pravednikov - Vpered I Vverkh (2014)

Artist: Orgia Pravednikov
Album: Вперед и вверх (Vpered I Vverkh)
Release date: February 19, 2014
Label: Self released

News: Kotebel Release New Live Album And Announce Concert Dates

Kotebel releases its first live album.

Band Of The Month: Mike Kershaw

This is a new feature here on Progshine! Every month we'll have a new band/artist that will be the spotlight of the month.

News: XTC's Colin Moulding Featured In New Video By Days Between Stations

XTC legend Colin Moulding featured in new video by Days Between Stations.

News: Spock's Beard Release V On Vinyl For The First Time

Spock's Beard will release their classic album, V, for the first time in vinyl.

News: Brett Kull Of Echolyn Co-Producing The New Fractal Mirror Album

Fractal Mirror second album will be released in October.

News: ProtoMythos Release Video For Voiceless

One-man Israeli project ProtoMythos release video for track 'Voiceless'.

News: Mystery Release Live Album In October

Canadian band Mystery will release double live album in October.

News: Infloyd Plays Amused To Death Live

Dutch Pink Floyd tribute band playes Roger Water's classic live.

Review: Discipline - This One's For England (2014)

Artist: Discipline
Album: This One's For England
Release date: January 1, 2014
Label: Strung Out


Artist: Discipline / Country: USA / Style: Symphonic Prog / Period: 1987 – present

News: Osada Vida announce new drummer!

Osada Vida - new drummer announced.

News: Mater Thallium Release New Album, Abandoned By The Sun

Second album by Norwegian band Mater Thallium will be released on Autumnsongs Records.

Review: Sylvium - The Gift Of Anxiety (2013)

Artist: Sylvium
Album: The Gift Of Anxiety
Release date: September 13, 2013
Label: Freia Music


Artist: Sylvium / Country: Netherlands / Style: Heavy Prog / Period: 2010 - present

News: Moon Safari Release Live In Mexico Double CD

Moon Safari will release double live album.

Best Of 2014 (So Far) - Part 2

By Diego Camargo

The first part of our retrospective article was a sucess so it's time for the first 25 positions so far.

News: Neal Morse To Release New Solo Album 'Songs From November'

Neal Morse to release new solo album 'Songs From November' in August.

Interview: Spleen Arcana

Spleen Arcana is the solo musical project of French songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julien Gaullier.

News: TDW Releases Second Promotional Video For Its New Album

TDW release a new video.

News: Flying Colors Announce New Album, 'Second Nature'

Supergroup Flying Colors announce second album, Second Nature, for September.

Review: Spleen Arcana - The Light Beyond The Shades (2014)

Artist: Spleen Arcana
Album: The Light Beyond The Shades
Release date: February 3, 2014
Label: Self released

Spleen Arcana

Artist: Spleen Arcana / Country: France / Style: Crossover Prog / Period: 2008 - present

News: Italian Band Unreal City Ask Fans For Help To Crowdfund Their 2015 Tour

News: Italian Band Unreal City Ask Fans For Help To Crowdfund Their 2015 Tour.

Best Of 2014 (So Far) - Part 1

By Diego Camargo

So, have you been wondering what's happening on the Prog World so far?

News: Perfect Beings Stream Live Show From LA On August 14th

Perfect Beings Stream Live Show From LA On August 14th.

News: Jon Anderson And Jean-Luc Ponty Announce The Anderson Ponty Band

Music Legends Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty Announce Formation of New Music Ensemble - The Anderson Ponty Band!.

Review: Mind:Soul - The Way It Should Be (2013)

Artist: Mind:Soul
Album: The Way It Should Be
Release date: December, 2013
Label: Layered Reality Productions


Artist: Mind:Soul / Country: Netherlands / Style: Progressive Metal / Period: 2010 - present

News: Keith Emerson And Greg Lake Release 'Live From Manticore Hall'

Emerson & Lake put out a live CD from their 2010 tour.

Review: Il Segno Del Comando - Il Volto Verde (2013)

Artist: Il Segno Del Comando
Album: Il Volto Verde
Release date: November, 2013
Label: Black Widow

Il Segno Del Comando

Artist: Il Segno Del Comando / Country: Italy / Style: Gothic Prog / Period: 1995 - present

News: Imagery Starts Recordings For Their New Album

The album will be successor of the their debut distributed in Europe, USA and Asia by Cleopatra Records.

Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy Or 1 CD Of Spleen Arcana's Second Studio Album

Spleen Arcana is the solo musical project of French songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julien Gaullier.

Formed in 2008, Spleen Arcana is an eclectic mix of Symphonic Prog, Space Rock and Art Rock drenched in melancholic and contemplative moods.

The band is featured on this month on Progshine as our Band Of The Month, check everything about the band IN THIS LINK.

The band was kind enough to give us here at Progshine HQ 5 Bandcamp promo codes and 1 CD to giveaway. The promo codes allows you to download Spleen Arcana's The Light Beyond The Shadows (2014) album in any digital format Bandcamp offers: MP3 (320k), FLAC, AAC, Ogg or ALAC. The CD will be sent to you without any cost.

Interested? Wanna win the CD or one of the 5 codes we have?
All you have to do is fill in the form below and you'll be participating. Just don't forget to read the Regulation on the bottom of this page.

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1. This promotion is valid under all territories and borders.
2. The delivery of the Promo code will be made via E-mail, the CD will be delivered to the address given directly from the artist.
3. The participants MUST give all the info in the Form above, or the participation will be unvalidated.
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5. The giveaway is valid till July 20th. The winners will be chosen on July 21st and will be contacted the same day. If the one or more winners doesn't answer the e-mail in 24 hours new winners will be chosen.
6. In case of any doubts contact us though our Contact Page or at progshine@gmail.com.

Also, stay tuned for more Giveaways, this is the first of many to come!

Re-edition Review: Anyone's Daughter - Anyone's Daughter (1980/2012)

Artist: Anyone's Daughter
Album: Anyone's Daughter
Original release date: 1980 / Re-edition release date: November 23, 2012
Label: Tempus Fugit/SPV

News: Lost Album From Prog-Fusion Band The Flock Finally Sees Light Of Day

The Lost Album From Early ‘70s Prog-Fusion Band The Flock Finally Sees Light Of Day!

News: Steve Hillage Releases 'Live At The Rainbow 1977' On CD

Steve Hillage releases 'Live At The Rainbow 1977' from his vaults.

Progshine's World Cup 2014 - Phase 2

After some very disputed matches we have Progshine's World Cup second phase ready!!

News: Osada Vida Announce New Album For Late 2014

Osada Vida - new album again with Metal Mind Productions.
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