Thursday, December 06, 2012


A New Start

Hello everyone! My name is Diego Camargo and you're now in the new Progshine home.

So, lets start with some explanations, some of you may know me and may know the Progshine brand, I'm active in many sites like Progarchives, LastFM, Rate Your Music and specially, in the last 5 years I was in charge of, a portuguese website that used to review, interview and post the news about Prog Rock World in general.

After 5 years I felt quite tired of that format and the limitations of the language and I'm now ready to try a new format, specially with the Podcats. For now I'll not post Podcasts yet, I need a new 'machine' first, or maybe not, let us see.

The Podcats would be about the Prog Rock News and of course, Music! A weekly update for all of you that can`t follow everything everyday.

The site will have profiles pages as well for bands who contact me and the sweethearts of everyone, of course. I have plans for the future in making video reviews too, for now the reviews will be all written as I receive many many albums around the world to review. If you`re interested in sending me your material please contact me through or take a look on our Contact Page.

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