Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Podcast #6 (29/01/13)

Hello everyone! Diego Camargo here for the 6th Progshine Podcast!

I wanna welcome all the new listeners and thank again the ones that are following all of our episodes and sharing them in the Social websites and with friends.

This week we once again have exciting new music, a special release was sent to us by Fabio Zuffanti himself so we're having a track from the new La Maschera Di Cera album, Le Porte Del Domani. Thanks Fabio! Also, bands just started to contact me and send their music to be played in our Podcast, we have two of them today. Over one hour and ten minutes of great Prog Rock, as usual.

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Below you'll find the episode embedded and all the info of what was played and the links to buy the records. Enjoy!

Background music: Ambrosia - And... + Somewhere I've Never Travelled / from the album Somewhere I've Never Travelled (1976)
1. Labirinto - Cairo / from the EP Kadjwynh - Buy it here!
2. La Maschera Di Cera - L'enorme Abisso / from the album La Porte Del Domani Buy it here!
3. Opus V - Get Out Of My Way / from the Single Get Out Of My Way - Free Download here!
4. Moon Safari - Lover's End Pt. III / from the EP Lover's End Pt. III: Skellefteå Serenade Buy it here!
5. Uppsala Solemne - La Aparicion / from the EP A Fúria Do Ventoy - Free Download here!
6. Cold Night For Alligators - Aspects / from the EP Singular Patterns Buy it here!
7. Gardenia - Lumine / from the album El Libro De Los Soles Free Download here!
8. Galahad - Secret Kingdoms... / from the album Beyond Realms Of Euphoria Buy it here!
9. Enochian Theory - Distances / from the album Life & All It Entails Buy it here!
10. Mostly Autumn - This Ragged Heart / from the album The Ghost Moon Orchestra Buy it here!


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