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News Of The World (09/02 - 22/02)

Hello again proggers! It's time for one more News Of The Week here on Progshine.

Here we publish the most important News of the Prog World.

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Here it is the News of this Week:

Sigma Project - New Single

“Binding Chains”, a brand new song from Brazilian Progressive Metal Instrumental band Sigma Project can be now be streamed below via YouTube.

The new single is available for free download HERE, a promotional pack with high resolution images is available HERE.

“Binding Chains” was produced by the band itself during December 2012 to February 2013, and was mastered and mixed by Sigma Project‘s guitarist Vitor Mancini.

Artwork illustration was made by Sigma Project s bassist Raphael “Fuel” Rodrigues and is available below, a version in high definition will be available in a few days on the band official Facebook page.

Source: BMReviews

Can - New EP

The German band Can is releasing a new EP called Cyclopean (2013), and they're having the old line up back again with Jaki and Irmin working together.

A promo video was released for this EP:
Can’s legacy has never felt more apparent than now, and Cyclopean (2013) brings together two giants from this legendary band, Jaki Liebezeit and Irmin Schmidt, alongside long time collaborators Jono Podmore (Kumo/Metamono) and musician and producer Burnt Friedman.
As you might expect from the line-up, the four tracks are profoundly original and bursting with imagination. The title provides a metaphor for the music: Cyclopean (2013) forms are beautiful, massive and intriguing structures that interlock, intersect and connect seemingly contradictory components. Heavy, yet light, powerful, subtle, intriguing and playful.

There's also a flavour of the ancient in this music - an artefact from a sophisticated pre-culture perhaps. Extraordinary instrumentation - rubber band guitar, theremin, prepared piano - is unified through the monumental and unique drum patterns, as the characters of the four players are at once individually unmistakably and irrevocably intertwined.

Source: Press release / Official website

Devin Townsend - New Tour Dates

Devin Townsend Project have added four dates around their previously-announced London show in May.

Riding high on the positive acclaim of recent album Epicloud, Townsend and co will appear in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dublin and Belfast.

They were already scheduled to headline an evening in Brixton Academy on May 3, also starring Meshuggah and Periphery.

Townsend recently reported: “This is an intense turn of events –  it’s no secret how much love and respect I have for Meshuggah. Periphery are a band I can’t say enough good things about.”

Discussing the success of Epicloud (2012) he said: “It surprised me as much as anyone. It’s a sound I’ve been hesitant to do for a long time, based on people’s assumptions of me. But it’s one of 25 records that I’ve done, and in the history of each record being different, it makes good sense to me. So you know what? Fuck it. I like commercial stuff. I like hard rock. I’ve never done a record like this and it felt natural to do so, so I did. Eat a bag of shit.”

Devin Townsend Project Tour Dates:
Apr 30: Glasgow Garage
May 01: Aberdeen Garage
May 03: London Brixton Academy
May 04: Dublin Academy
May 05: Belfast Stiff Kitten

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Official website

Cult Of Luna - New Video
Cult Of Luna have released a video for their track 'Passing Through'. View it below:
It’s taken from their sixth album, Vertikal (2013), which was launched last month – five years after their previous release.

Ahead of their European tour, which ended on February 2, Cult Of Luna explained they’d needed time away in order to cultivate new ideas, saying: “We realise fans have been waiting for what seems like an age for us to return to the live arena properly, but we were not keen on playing shows before we had the new material ready.”

The Passing Through video was shot in sub-zero temperatures in the ruins of Sweden’s largest mental hospital, which closed in the 1960s.

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Official website

Steven Wilson - New Video
Steven Wilson has released and animated video, directed by Jess Cope and Simon Cartwright, to ‘The Raven That Refused To Sing’

The track was taken of Steven’s new album The Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories (2013) that is available to pre-order from Burning Shed - before the official release on 25th February 2013.

Source: DPRP / Official website

Roger Waters - New Song

Roger Waters hopes to surprise crowds at his open air The Wall concerts in 2013 with the addition of a new song to the set.
And he admits there are pros and cons to staging the biggest-even production of his show.

The former Pink Floyd mainman reveals that the plane crash sequence, which used to last eight seconds, had been almost doubled in length and concludes with a spectacular fireball, courtesy of new HD technology and the giant stage set.

“It’s beautiful,” Waters tells Something Else – but he adds: “I sometimes get stranded at one end. ‘Fuck, I’ve got to get back to the middle of the stage in about eight seconds!’”

The new track is called The Ballad Of Jean Charles de Menezes and tells the story of a man shot dead by police after being wrongly suspected of involvement in  terrorist activity. “I love it – it’s a surprise to people,” says Waters.”They’ve never heard it before.”

Waters will perform the new show at London’s Wembley Stadium on September 14.

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Official website

IQ - Tour Dates & Re-release
IQ is working in their new album. While that doens't happen the band is playing two dates in Europe (Holland and Germany) where they'll play some new songs:

26.04.13 - Dru Cultuurfabriek, Ulft, Holland - Tickets
27.04.13 - Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany - Tickets

The band also is releasing the 30th Anniversay edition of their first album Tales From The Luch Attic (1983).
This new version comes in double disc hard back 32 page book with lots of extras, including the complete remix of the album, extra bonus tracks and a DVD featuring live video footage of material from ‘Tales’ along with a host of MP3 files, original mixes, audio commentary and previously unreleased writing/rehearsal/demo material.

The full track listing for the CD/DVD edition is:

1. The Last Human Gateway

2. Through The Corridors (Oh! Shit Me)
3. Awake And Nervous

4. My Baby Treats Me Right ‘Cos I’m A Hard Lovin’ Man All Night Long

5. The Enemy Smacks
Bonus tracks
6. Wintertell (2012 recording)
7. The Last Human Gateway (end section, alternative vocals)
8. Just Changing Hands (unfinished demo)

9 Dans Le Parc du Château Noir (unfinished demo)
1. The Last Human Gateway
2. Through The Corridors (Oh! Shit Me)

3. About Lake Five / Awake And Nervous
4. The Enemy Smacks

(Live at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Holland: October 23, 2011)
• Photo Gallery (contemporary photos and artwork)
• DIY Mix of ‘Through The Corridors': multi-track audio files and mixing software
MP3 files:

• ‘Tales From The Lush Attic’ (original mix: August 1983)

• Seven Stories into Eight (original cassette album)
• Tales from the Lush Attic - audio commentary by Peter and Mike
Further listening:

• The Enemy Smacks (first attempts: November 1982)
The Last Human Gateway (writing session: February 1983)

• Just Changing Hands (instrumental demo: February 1983)

• Just Changing Hands (rehearsal: February 11, 1983)

• Wintertell (demo: July 1983)

• The Last Human Gateway (first complete version - rehearsal: July 27, 1983)

• Unused idea version 1 (rehearsal: August 1983)
Unused idea version 2 (rehearsal: August 1983)

• Hollow Afternoon (demo, original lyrics: 1983)

• Just Changing Hands (Cava demo: 1984)

• The Last Human Gateway (middle section) (1991 recording)

Source: Official website

Sigur Rós - Tour Dates & New Video

Iceland band Sigur Rós is in Los Angeles mixing their new album due to be released late this year. They presented a new song on their website last week:
They'll be playing new songs in their European/American tour starting today and to be finished in August. The band will play Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Latvia and Italy in Europe and also USA, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, Korea and China.

Check the dates and info HERE.

Source: Press release / Official website

Nektar - Re-release
Purple Pyramid Records will be releasing a Special Collector's Re-issue of UK progressive rock legends Nektar's classic Sci-Fi themed, prog-psych masterpiece Journey To The Centre Of The Eye (1971) on February 26. The CD will include the original album mix fully remastered, original liner notes by famed rock biographer Dave Thompson and two rare bonus tracks! This re-issue kicks off a series of Nektar catalog releases that will culminate with the release of a new studio album, 'Time Machine' coming this summer 2013.

Says guitarist/vocalist and founding member Roye Albrighton about Journey To The Centre Of The Eye (1971), “Basically, it's a journey to one's inner-self, and to be able to see the world through your mind's eye. Recorded in the early years of multi-track tape recording...this whole album was recorded on an 8-track recorder. We had to record each 20-minute piece complete and hope we didn't make any mistakes... If we did, it was back to the beginning to start again.”

The Nektar story is a remarkable one. A British rock band that found stardom and major success in Germany and the USA, yet failed to make a significant breakthrough in their own country. With three gold albums under their belt (Remember The Future (1973), Down To Earth (1974) and Recycled (1975)), Nektar produced some of the most original work of the seventies and eighties. In virtuoso guitarist Roye Albrighton Nektar had a charismatic front man who had shared a stage with Jimi Hendrix, in Allan "Taff" Freeman a unique keyboard player, in Derek "Mo" Moore a bass playing powerhouse and in Ron Howden a fluidity rarely found in a drummer. Fifth member Mick Brockett was not a musician, but was responsible for one of the most stunning light and visual shows ever to grace a rock stage. Nektar's history appeared to have been written when they finally split in the eighties. Despite attempts to re-kindle the flame, the Nektar light, it seemed was out...until the year 2000. The new millenium saw the long awaited reunion tour of the classic line-up, to rave reviews and fantastic receptions. The light we thought was out, had in fact been kept aglow - by loyal fans across the globe!

As far as future plans for Nektar: "To make more music, and to experiment more in different ways,” says Albrighton. Nektar will be a part of the Cruise to the Edge cruise in March with the Yes, Tangerine Dream, Saga, Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited, Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy, UK and others.

In conclusion Roye expounds about Journey To The Centre Of The Eye (1971)  “It's a very unique album and stands alone in the Nektar archives. Many brand this as a 'spacerock' album...some a 'Krautrock' us it is a Nektar album written and performed as we were in 1970.”

Nektar Journey To The Centre Of The Eye (1971) is available for pre-order now at Amazon HERE.

Source: Press release / Official website

Radiohead - New Album

Radiohead's Colin Greenwood said that the band will be getting back together to work on their new album in a matter of months.

Speaking to BBC 6Music, bass player Greenwood said: "We're taking some time out whilst people are doing some other stuff, doing their own things, and the plan is to get back together again [at the] end of the summer."

Radiohead released their eighth album, The King Of Limbs (2011) 2 years ago and played a UK arena tour last autumn.
Frontman Thom Yorke is currently preparing to launch the debut album from his Atoms For Peace project with producer Nigel Godrich.

The duo will appear at London's Oval Space on February 22, with support from Actress and Throwing Snow, according to NME.

Thom Yorke's side project with Godrich, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers and percussionist Mauro Refosco - release their debut album Amok (2013) on February 25 via XL.

Source: Ultimate Guitar / Official website

Renaissance - New Guitarist
After the sad notice about the original member of Renaissance Michael Dunford had passed (read more HERE) away the band now find his replacement.

In an official statement Annis Haslam wrote: "As you can imagine we’ve been tasked with the inevitable; the quest to find a guitarist that would be worthy of our Michael Dunford’s blessing and musicality. We recently auditioned a wonderful guitarist/vocalist from New Jersey named Ryche Chlanda whom we feel will be the right one to carry on with Michael’s legacy. He is a well respected and articulate musician who has toured both with Nektar and Fireballet."

Rych Chlanda will join the band in April when they start their 2013 Tour (info HERE).

Also, their new album, Grandine Il Vento (2013), recorded last year with Michael, will be released somewhere the middle of the year.

Source: Official website

Keith Emerson - New Album
Keith Emerson has released a trailer for his upcoming symphonic album Three Fates (2013). View it below:
The keyboard icon describes the collaboration with guitarist Marc Bonilla and conductor Terje Mikkelsen as the “project of his dreams.”

He says: “Although I have been involved with orchestras and also jazz, blues and rock since the sixties, without doubt I consider this to be the most important album since the ELP days.”

A press statement explains: “Three Fates is the symphonic truth about Emerson, which shows the potential in his music.

“Tarkus – Concertante is no doubt the main work on this release. The Endless Enigma Suite” in symphonic colours is also included, plus a new moving piece called After All Of This. Bonilla also contributes with three very attractive pieces in addition to two works with the unmistakable Emerson twist from his biggest source of inspiration: Aaron Copland and Alberto Ginastera.

“In many ways, Three Fates completes the circle: Emerson brought classics into rock – now it is Emerson’s own music being performed by a classical orchestra.”

Three Fates is released on November 19. Orders on Amazon HERE.

1. The Endless Enigma Suite Pt. 1
2. The Endless Enigma Suite Pt. 2
3. American Matador
4. After All Of This
5. Walking Distance
6. Tarkus – Concertante
7. Malambo
8. The Mourning Sun
9. Abaddon’s Bolero
10. Fanfare For The Common Man Pt. 1
11. Fanfare For The Common Man Pt. 2

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Official website

Sanguine Hum - New Album Teaser & Album Cover Revelead
The English band Sanguine Hum have uploaded a six minute teaser of their upcoming album Weight Of The World (2013).
The album, which follows up their well received debut, is set for release on 25th March through the Esoteric Antenna label.

The band is working on the final details of the mix before the mastering and also, editing the hour long making of documentary that will accompany the special edition of the album.

Source: Official Facebook page

Hawkwind - Re-release

Atomhenge, the Cherry Red Records label managed by Esoteric Recordings, the home of the entire Hawkwind catalogue released between 1975 and 1997, are very pleased to announce that the classic Hawkwind album Warrior On The Edge Of The Time (1975) will be released in May 2013 as a newly remastered edition from the original stereo master tapes.

Atomhenge label manager Mark Powell said; “Contrary to popular myth, the master tapes of this classic album were never lost. They remained in the United Artists vaults. The Atomhenge reissue will be the first ever CD edition to be taken from the original first generation master tapes. All previous editions have been taken from vinyl transfers or inferior copy master tapes”.

Aside from a single disc remastered edition, there will be two other expanded editions of the album. Mark Powell adds; “I’m extremely pleased to say that Steven Wilson has mixed the album into a stunning 5.1 Surround Sound mix from the original multi-track master tapes and has also undertaken a new stereo mix of the album which has an amazing depth and clarity whilst remaining faithful to the original release. “Warrior” is one of THE classic albums of the 1970s and is a land-mark album in Hawkwind’s history. The forthcoming reissues will do justice this magnificent record”.

Full details of the editions of Warrior On The Edge Of The Time (1975) will be announced in the coming weeks. Cherry Red managing director, Adam Velasco added; “The album “Warrior on the Edge of Time” has been unavailable officially on CD for many years and it is our intention to make the forthcoming releases definitive editions in terms of audio remastering (from the original master tapes), content and packaging”.

Hawkwind will be touring in April 2013 performing Warrior On The Edge Of The Time (1975)  with further dates planned later in the year.

Confirmed dates are:
30/03/13 : SEATON, TBA (Hawkeaster)
31/03/13 : SEATON, TBA (Hawkeaster)
02/04/13 : CARDIFF, The Coal Exchange
03/04/13 : BATH, Komedia
05/04/13 : PRESTON, 53 Degrees
06/04/13 : ROTHERHAM, Magna Centre [HRH] Prog
07/04/13 : NORWICH, Epic Centre

Source: DPRP / Official website

Poor Genetic Material - New Album
The next Poor Genetic Material album A Day In June (2013) is scheduled for a release in May. Featuring special guest Martin Griffiths (Beggars Opera) will be released in May. This will be one of, at least, three new releases from the PGM camp in 2013.

Before that the band have two more extremely interesting releases featuring members of PGM:
Coarbegh – “The Colour Of Happiness”: Stefan and Philipp have teamed up with jazz-singer Jutta Brandl and classical flutist Pia Darmstaedter (plus guest-bassist Rabin Dasgupta from The Amber Light) to record this album of songs that did not fit in the PGM-context but were simply too good to be put aside. Beautiful music between art-pop, electronica, psychedelic…

Autumnal Blossom - “Against The Fear Of Death”: This is our flutist Pia’s band, who recorded this album (produced by Stefan and Philipp) – a lot of classical influences here, a lot of prog, too, some folk… and a lot more.

Both albums will be released in March. Pre-orders are already being taken soon at QuiXote-Music and very soon there will be something to listen to.

Source: Official website

Neal Morse - Trailer of New Live CD/DVD
North American musician Neal Morse is about to release a 5 discs bundle recorded live. Live Momentum (2013) was recorded in New York and is a 2DVD/3CD Box Set and includes over 4 hours of video, including and exclusive Tour Documentary and over 3 hours of audio.

Fortified by the energetic live contributions of Eric Gillette (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Bill Hubauer (key-boards, violin, sax, vocals) and Adson Sodré (guitar and vocals), Neal Morse (vocals, keyboards and guitars), Mike Portnoy (drums) and Randy George (bass) blazed through two lengthy sets that spanned Morse's entire, highly-heralded catalog.

The musician recently uploaded a new video on Youtube with the 12 minutes of the song 'The Conflict':
Live Momentum (2013) can be ordered HERE.

Source: Official Facebook page

Votum - New Album

Polish progressive rock band Votum just released its third album, Harvest Moon (2013). You can listen one of their new tracks called 'First Felt Pain' with exclusivity here in Progshine on our Podcast #8 RIGHT HERE.

Harvest Moon (2013) tracklist:
1. Vicious Circle
2. Cobwebs
3. First Felt Pain
4. New Made Man
5. Numb
6. Ember Night
7. Bruises
8. Steps In The Gloom
9. Dead Ringer
10. Coda
11. Numb (Reprise)

It's possible to listen snipets of all the songs in their website HERE and the album can be ordered HERE.

Source: DPRP / Official website

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