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Review: Alberto Rigoni - Three Wise Monkeys (2012)

Artist: Alberto Rigoni
Album: Three Wise Monkeys
Year: 2012
Label: Any And All Records

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: This is the first time I listen to Alberto Rigoni he is a bass player from Italy and he is basically into Progressive Metal and that’s what we have in ‘Mizaru’, the second track, with some help from Kevin Moore (ex-Dream Theater) in the keyboards.

Being a bass player, of course that the music in Three Wise Monkeys (2012), third solo album from Alberto Rigoni, is pretty much based on the bass.
Sometimes his music is a bit more focused on songwriting like in the third track ‘Three Wise Monkeys’ that is a great track and has the always good Göran Edman (from Karmakanic) as vocalist. And sometimes is essentially based on the bass and in what he can do as a instrumentist like in the fourth track ‘Kikazaru’.

Three Wise Monkeys (2012) is pretty much based on Progressive Metal but not full time, we can hear some other influences as well, especially in the technical part of the compositions, that tries to evoke other sounds with his bass. But yeah, pretty much Progressive Metal in general, but with some personality. I, personally, don’t like the overall sound of the drums, too much echo going on most of the time.

On most of the tracks the swedish singer Jonas Erixon appears, he’s specially good on ‘Free Falling’ and ‘Coming Home’. But the final track ‘Believe’ don’t please me not a tiny bit.

Three Wise Monkeys (2012) is a good record, shows a musician trying to present people the best of two worlds, instrumental/technical music and something more ‘singable’.

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