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Review: Squackett - A Life Within A Day (2012)

Artist: Squackett
Album: A Life Within A Day
Year: 2012
Label: Esoteric Antenna

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: I knew that wasn’t supposed to be an album of Progressive Rock, they told about that even before the release. But this is too much Conspiracy for me. And Conspiracy was just an ok not that much insteresting project.

I was expecting a bit more from Steve Hackett specially in the composition side, but to my ears this is more of a Chris Squire continuation of the already mentioned band that he had with his ex-Yes parter Billy Sherwood. Same kind of music/sounds/line up/ideas.

And once again this is the thing that bothers me most in a recent release, the drums. What they want to achiev with a mid 90′s drum sound full of reverb and echo doing the music they are doing? I’ll never understand.

The good moments are when they decided to do what they do best, Progressive Rock. Like in ‘A Life Within A Day’.

‘Tall Ships’ shows Squire’s great bass lines back on track, but unfortunatelly there are too few moments like that on A Life Within A Day (2012).

All in all, not an album to remember, you listen it once, get a bit of disappointment because you were expecting much, much more from two huge names like Chris Squire and Steve Hackett and it ended in the shelf.

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