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News Of The World (23/03 - 29/03)

Hello again proggers! It's time for one more News Of The Week here on Progshine where we publish the most important News of the Prog World.

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Here it is the News of this Week:

The Flower Kings/Neal Morse - New USA Dates
The Flower Kings/Neal Morse band featuring Mike Portnoy added one more date in their succesfull tour. Thez will also plaz in Los Angeles.

The tour had 13 dates between February and March in Europe, now they're going for USA audience.

Date: MAY 7

Tickets on sale now through THIS link.

Here's what Neal Morse says about the extra date: "Mike recently became available in May and I knew TFK were in the states for Rosfest so I sent a few emails and now...well, here we are with a gig in L.A.! We had such a great time on the European run and we all feel it is a very special show and want to share it with our friends in the states. I just wish we could do more...."

Watch a little bit of what you can expect below:

Source: Press release / The Flower Kings Website / Neal Morse website

Sigur Rós - New Album & Tour Dates

Iceland band Sigur Rós announced that their new album will be called Kveikur (2013) and will be released worldwide on June 17th (18th in north america).

Kveikur (2013) will be self-produced by the band and will contain nine tracks. It's the first album of the band as a trio

It's possible to pre-order the album already through THIS link.
The cover art, as you can see above, is taken from a photography by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark taken in 1967.

The band also premiered the video for a new track called 'Brennisteinn', this track is part of a new EP the band just released digitally.

It's possible to buy the EP with 3 new tracks HERE. The track will also be on their new album. The video, directed by Andrew Huang, watch it below:

The band will tour the new album beginning in Europe in November:
nov 16th o2 arena, dublin, ireland
nov 19th nottingham arena, nottingham uk
nov 20th brighton centre, brighton uk
nov 21st wembley arena, london uk
nov 23rd rockhal, luxembourg
nov 24th jahrhunderthalle, frankfurt, germany
nov 25th mitsubishi electric hall, dusseldorf, germany
nov 27th baltiska hallen, malmo, sweden
nov 28th spektrum, oslo, norway

The full 2013 tour and ticket can be found HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Roger Waters - New The Wall Date

It seems that Roger Waters will never end his The Wall Tour. The English musician has just announced that his record-breaking The Wall Live tour will alight at the Gelredome in Arnhem, the Netherlands, on July 18.

The pre-sale for this new date began in March 26. To buy yous log into your account and update your list of cities.

Source: Press release / Musician's official website

Renaissance - New Album

In a note written on the band's official Facebook page Annie Haslam gave the fans some light about their new album, Grandine Il Vento (2013).

Annie Haslam herself describes the tracks:

Symphony of Light
A tribute to the genius Leonardo Da Vinci.

About the rainforests in Brazil... I have been there many times and love it!

Grandine il Vento
A love song that transcends life itself.

About an African village and the people who live there.

Cry to the World
Our 'World Song' in honour of Mother Earth and all who are part of her.

Air of Drama
A love song about two people who come together again later in their lives in Paris, where they had first met.

Blood Silver Like Moonlight
This is a duet with John Wetton. He has been a friend for many years and I always felt our voices were similar in their timbre and range. I was told once by a 'spiritual' energy friend that John and I sang in the Angels choir together. That is what this song is about. Remembering the choir!

The Mystic and The Muse
I was inspired to write this by two of my paintings The Mystic and The Muse.  Although it is a fantasy in a way, I see Michael as The Muse and me as The Mystic.

The album will be soon available to order on the bands official Store in THIS link.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Queensrÿche - New Single

The version of Queensryche fronted by Todd La Torre have released their first track with the new vocalist. Hear Redemption below.

The prog metal veterans, who dramatically sacked Geoff Tate last year, will release their next album on June 10 via Century Media.

Bassist Jackson recently said: “Queensryche is excited to begin writing this next chapter in our career with Century Media. We are pleased to call them partners on this journey. We are also thankful for all of the fans who have supported us from day one and helped us to get where we are today.”

Tate has formed his own version of Queensryche following a court ruling that allows both parties to use the name until a final decision in November. His band will play 1988 classic album Operation: Mindcrime in full on tour in April in the US, while La Torre’s version of the band tour the UK.

Source: Prog Sphere / Band's official website

Spock's Beard - New Lyric Video & Tour Dates

The North American band Spock’s Beard have released a lyric video for their track 'Afterthoughts'.

The track is taken from their latest album, Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep (2013), and it’s one of two songs on the record co-written by former frontman Neal Morse.

View it below:

The band will also begin a tour in Europe in May. They will be together with Beardfish and Sound Of Contact, take a look on the dates below:
May 3: Corporation, Sheffield, UK
May 4: The Arches, Glasgow, UK
May 5: Academy 2, Newcastle, UK
May 6: Robin 2, Bilston, UK
May 7: The Garage, London, UK
May 8: La Scene Bastille, Paris, France
May 9: Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland
May 10: Hirsch, Nürnberg, Germany
May 11: Majestic, Bratislava, Slovakia
May 12: A38, Budapest, Hungary
May 14: Szene, Vienna, Austria
May 15: Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Germany
May 16: Das Rind, Rüsselsheim, Germany
May 17: Zeche, Bochum, Germany
May 18: De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
May 19: Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany

More info about the dates and tickets go HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Mr. So & So - New Album

Mr So & So will release their fifth studio album Truths, Lies & Half Lies (2013) on May 15 after fans funded the recording project.

The northern prog outfit have nearly finished work on the title following a Pledge Music campaign that yielded 112% of the cash they needed.

The 11-track record was produced by the band themselves with engineer Al Unsworth, whose previous credits include Yes, Francis Dunnery, Chris Rea and Bernie Marsden.

Guitarist Dave Foster says: “We’ve recently taken a heavier approach to our music and as a result we sound a lot more mature. We’ve furthered our sound a lot as well and it’s become more current.”

The album also sees vocalist Charlotte Evans playing a more prominent role alongside frontman Shaun McGowan.

Truths, Lies & Half Lies (2013) is scheduled for release through the band’s own label. They’re currently planning a series of live dates in the UK for the summer and autumn.

Tracklist (order not yet confirmed)
Time For Change
House Of Dreams
You’re Coming Home
Looking Glass

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Band's official website


Magellan - New Track

Magellan is recording their new album and the tracks are coming very slowly together. “Good to Go?” is their new single. It's a Robert Lamm lyric, Chicago's co-founder.

Trent Gardner, the mind behind the band explains why just singles: "With regard to Magellan, I have found myself in an interesting position. Magellan fans might think I am not busy enough producing prog music or being engaged in musical pursuits full time…. their theory as to why I have not released a full length Magellan album since 2007. Let’s clarify. For now, I am happy to release singles, which make MUCH more business sense, at least for me. So I am very excited about where things are going for the Magellan faithful."

A sample of the track can be streamed below:
To buy it go to iTunes HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Orphaned Land - New Album
Orphaned Land, are in the final process of recording their long awaited new album. This release is the band's 6th full length and marks another big step forward, it is the logical evolution from the last studio release The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR (2011).

The title of the new album will be All Is One (2013) and it surfaces on June 24th (USA June 25th), 2013! Singer Kobi Farhi explains the material as follows: ""I'll say it plain and simple - All Is One (2013) is Orphaned Land s best album so far, I feel that we took all aspects to a new level - the way we write, arrange, play and produce. We recorded the album in 3 countries (Turkey, Sweden & Israel) and it turned out so strong, we can't stop listening to it. The album is very rich in sound with more than 40 people participating (choirs, violins, and many traditional instruments, too). Our secret recipe was always the fact that unlike many other bands, Orphaned Land doesn't follow ONE master mind that writes everything, we work in a way that All Is One. We create our music in a perfect blend of synergy and harmony and all the band members are a part of this process, we translate the album's title and message exactly in the way we work, and we always hope we could give a bit of an inspiration to the people in the tragic Middle Eastern lands. We have fans all over the Middle East, we live in a place where huge amounts of people who consider themselves enemies still share one thing in common, they are all fans of Orphaned Land  and in these lands of orphans and bloody holy wars our only weapon is music, and hopefully we will grow to understand that All Is One."

The band is also going on tour on the next months:
April 13 PPM Festival, LOTTO MONS EXPO (Belgium)
May 29 Teatro Odisseia / Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
May 30 Hangar 110 / Sao Paulo (Basil)
June 1 Roca 'n' Roll festival / Varginha (Basil)
June 7 C.C.Niza / Lima (Peru)
June 8 Teatro Alianza Francesa / Medellin (Colombia)
June 9 TBA / Bogota (Colombia)
Aug' 9 Brutal Assault Festival (Czech Rep.)
Aug' 10 Artmania Festival / Sibu (Romania)
Aug' 16 Summer Breeze Festival / (Germany)

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Ayreon - New Album

Arjen Lucassen has confirmed his next Ayreon record will be called The Theory Of Everything (2013) – and it’ll be a double album and is pencilled in for release towards the end of the year.

Lucassen says: “I’ve finished recording demos of the music, I’m now about half-way finished with the lyrics. It’s going to be a double album, so there is a lot to write. It’s extra challenging as well, because lyrically I’ve left the old Ayreon universe behind, and I have to create a new one from scratch. I’m really excited about the line-up and how everything is progressing so far.”

So far we have a new video:

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Band's official website

Riverside - New Lyric Video

The Polish band Riverside continues to promote their latest album Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (2013) (that will be reviewed here next week).

The band just released a new lyric video for the track 'The Depth Of Self-Delusion'.

Watch it below:

The band is also in a big tour for the next months:
04.04.2013 Konin (Poland) - Oskard
05.04.2013 Poznan (Poland) - Eskulap
06.04.2013 Świebodzice (Poland) - Rock Fest 2013
07.04.2013 Wroclaw (Poland) - Eter
10.04.2013 Opole (Poland) - NCPP
11.04.2013 Katowice (Poland) - Mega Club
12.04.2013 Rzeszów (Poland) - Pod Palma
13.04.2013 Kraków (Poland - Studio
14.04.2013 Warsaw (Poland) - Progresja
18.04.2013 Bydgoszcz (Poland) - MCK
19.04.2013 Toruń (Poland) - Od Nowa
20.04.2013 Olsztyn (Poland) - Andergrant
21.04.2013 Gdansk (Poland) - Parlament

30.04.2013 Isle of Palms / Charleston (US) - The WindJammer + Jolly
02.05.2013 Atlanta (US) - Vinyl @ Centerstage + Jolly
04.05.2013 Gettysburg (US) - Rosfest 2013
05.05.2013 Syracuse (US) - Mac's Bad Art Bar + Jolly
06.05.2013 Dunellen (US) - Roxy and Dukes + Jolly
08.05.2013 Chicago (US) - Double Door + Jolly
10.05.2013 Raleigh (US) - The Pour House + Jolly
12.05.2013 Mexico City (Mexico) - José Cuervo Salón

22.05.2013 Bratislava (Slovakia) - Majestic Music Club
23.05.2013 Budapest (Hungary) - Schiff A38
25.05.2013 Iasi (Romania) - Underground Pub
26.05.2013 Bucharest (Romania) - The Silver Church
27.05.2013 Sofia (Bulgaria) - Sofia Live Club
31.05.2013 Istanbul (Turkey) - Refresh The Venue
01.06.2013 Thessaloniki (Greece) - Eightball Club
02.06.2013 Athens (Greece) - Gagarin 205

21-23.06.2013 Clisson (France) - Hellfest
18-21.07.2013 Fulda (Germany) - Burg Herzberg Festiva

Full info and tickets HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Transatlantic - New Album

Neal Morse has confirmed that prog supergroup Transatlantic will start work on their fourth album in May.

It follows a recent European tour featuring the Neal Morse Band and The Flower Kings, which brought together prime movers Morse, Roine Stolt and Mike Portnoy – leading to fan speculation that a studio project might be in the works with bassist Pete Trewavas.

According to DPRP, Morse says: “We have set dates in May; and, my friends, it is actually happening! Before I left for the tour, and even just a few days ago, I have a lot of really strong prog music ideas that I’m really excited about presenting to the guys.

“But, of course, everything has to be kind of secret until we actually do it – so I can’t say or tell much more. We’re all really excited about it.”

He believes the follow-up to 2009′s The Whirlwind could appear early next year although he adds: “Who knows? I’m just glad we’re doing it!”

The Neal Morse Band and The Flower Kings have announced a US appearance at La Mirada Auditorium, Los Angeles, on May 7. “Mike recently became available in May,” says Morse, “and I knew TFK were in the States for RoSfest; so I sent a few emails, and here we are. We had such a great time in Europe and we want to share it with our friends in the States. I just wish we could do more.”

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Band's official website

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