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News Of The World (13/04 - 19/04)

Hello Proggers! It's time for one more News Of The Week here on Progshine.
This is the space where we publish the most important News of the Prog World that happened in the last week. Everything in just one place!

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Here it is the News of this Week:

Storm Thorgerson - RIP

Storm Thorgerson, whose surreal artwork helped define the album-rock era, has died at the age of 69. The British artist had been battling cancer and had suffered a stroke in 2003, his family said in a statement Thursday.

Although his work spanned decades and genres — from Led Zeppelin's eerie Presence (1976) featuring a family surrounding a talismanic black object, to a hooded driver in Mars Volta's Frances The Mute (2005) — Thorgerson is perhaps best known for the minimalistic genius of his cover for Pink Floyd's monster-selling album, The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973). The simple image of a prism refracting light on a black backdrop was a visual manifestation of the band's haunting sonic message about friendship, commerce and lunacy.

"(Thorgerson) has been a constant force in my life, both at work and in private, a shoulder to cry on and a great friend," Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour said in a statement about a man he'd known since his teens. "The artworks that he created for Pink Floyd from 1968 to the present day have been an inseparable part of our work."

Thorgerson, who was part of the influential London-based graphic arts collective known as Hipgnosis, conjured up indelible Floyd images including the businessman-in-flames for Wish You Were Here (1975) and the giant pig flying over the British capital's Battersea Power Station for Animals (1977).

But while complex and sometimes downright odd photos and graphics had come to define Thorgerson's style, it was a simple suggestion from Floyd pianist Richard Wright that led to his most famous album cover.

"(Wright) said rather provocatively, 'Let's not have one of your photos,' " Thorgerson told the BBC in 2009. " 'We've had your photos before. Can't we have a change? A cool graphic — something smart, tidy and elegant?' "

Thorgerson obliged. Dark Side went on to sell 40 million copies worldwide, helping forever cement that prism image in the minds of rock fans everywhere.

In the Progressive Rock Field Storm also worked in many other album covers, the long list includes: Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother (1970) & The Division Bell (1994), Dream Theater's A Change Of Seasons (1995) & Falling Into Infinity (1997), Genesis' ... And Then There Were Three... (1978), Muse's Absolution (2003) & Black Holes And Revelations (2006), The Mars Vola's Deloused In The Comatorium (2003), Alan Parson's Try Anything Once (1993) & On Air (1996), Quatermass' Quatermass (1970), Brand X's Moroccan Roll (1975), Peter Gabriel's Peter Gabriel (1977) & Peter Gabriel (1979), Nice's Elegy (1971), Syd Barrett's The Madcap Laughs (1970), among many others.

Source: USA Today / Official website

Corvus Stone - New Video

Corvus Stone just released a new video for a brand new track that will be on the band's second album.

The name of the new Corvus Stone single is 'Purple Stone' and it features special guests Andres Guazzelli on vocals and Blake Carpenter (from The Minstrel's Ghost).

The album don't have a release date yet, more info soon.

Below the video:

Source: Press release / Band's official Facebook page



Ant-Bee - Re-release

Music collectors across the planet are clamoring about the release of the rare out-of-print psychedelic debut album by avant-garde music artist ANT-BEE titled Pure Electric Honey (1990) on CD for the first time by Gonzo MultiMedia! Possibly one of the most unusual acts to emerge from the US in the early 1990's, ANT-BEE's music defies categorization, yet acts like Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, Smile-era Beach Boys, The Mothers and Sgt. Pepper era Beatles immediately spring to mind upon listening. At the time of release many thought the album was an unearthed lost gem from the 1960s, while others didn't know what to think....

1. Intro
2. Eating Chocolate Cake (In the Bath)
3. My Cat4. Black & White Cat, Black & White Cake
5. Silly Fat Fingers
6. The Wrong at Once (Has Gone)
7. Say Ahhh!
8. The Green Gin
9. Evolution #7 (Parts I-IV)
10. Outro

Order your copy HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Bill Bruford - Biography
A candid, intelligent and often humorous reflection on the drummer's lot, Bill Bruford's best-selling autobiography is not only a fascinating account of his varied professional career with Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, Earthworks and others, it's also a brilliant and thorough answer to the eternal dinner party question, "Yes, but what is it that you actually do?" 

A new version of the book was released. The Foruli edition, which has a new 1100 word prologue, plus additional photos and a different layout from the Jawbone original. 

All copies sold through the Bill Bruford store are signed by Bill. There's also options of 'Signature' and 'Deluxe' versions of the book: 

The 'signature' edition of Bill Bruford's autobiography contains: 
* hand-printed book cover with embossing 
* an authentication hologram in the book 
* extra material not published in the first edition paperback 
* a limited edition 10" vinyl double album - 'from conception to birth' 
* die-cut record sleeves 
* two limited edition art prints suitable for framing 
* a custom handmade slipcase 
* a piece of one of Bill's own gig-played Paiste cymbals 
Limited to 475 copies globally. 

The 'deluxe' edition of Bill Bruford's autobiography contains everything in the 'Signature' edition plus:
* an exclusive Bruford Signature 10" splash cymbal made for Foruli by Paiste, forged from a proprietary bronze developed specifically for cymbals, handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen 
* a custom handmade solander case 
* a hand signed and numbered hand bound limited edition book 
Limited to 25 copies globally. 

Pre-order you copy Signature version HERE or the Deluxe version HERE.
Release date is April 29.

Source: Press release / Bruford's official page


Yes - LP Re-release

Magnification (2001) was the 19th studio album by Yes, released 12 years ago. But this will be the first time the album will be available on vinyl for the first time. 

Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Alan White, and Steve Howe joined forces with a full symphony orchestra to produce an album unlike any other in the band's career. 

Available as a three sided double LP, to guarantee the best possible sound, the album is on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl and is presented in a gatefold sleeve. 

This is the extremely limited (1000 copies) coloured vinyl edition of an overlooked gem from the Yes back catalogue.

Side One: 
1. Magnification (7:18)
2. Spiri Of Survival (6:04)
3. Don't Go (4:29)
Side Two: 
1. Give Love Each Day (7:46)
2. Can You Imagine (3:01)
3. We Agree (6:32)
4. Soft As A Dove (2:19)
Side Three: 
1. Dreamtime (10:48)
2. In The Presence of (10:16)
3. Time Is Time (2:09)

The LP will be released in May 6. You can pre-order your copy HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Comedy Of Errors - New Album

English Neo-Prog band Comedy Of Errors had returned to recording after a 24 hiatus with the album Disobey (2011).

The band has just released a new album called Fanfare & Fantasy (2013) last March in CD. However, Comedy Of Errors has a surprise for the fans.

Was released in April 17th a brand new LP version of 
Fanfare & Fantasy (2013)!

This Fanfare & Fantasy (2013) version had been released in double Vinyl 180g by the Vinil specialist Plane Groovy and you can order your copy HERE.

The band was already in Progshine before. They were presented in our Podcast number 13 with the track 'Going For A Song'. You can listen this track and other 9 in the Podcast page HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website


Anta - New Single

As mentioned last month here on Progshine (read HERE), the Bristol (UK) based band Anta announced the follow-up release to their debut album The Tree That Bears The Equine Fruit (2010). 

Centurionaut (2013) will be available on LP and in MP3 from the band’s website from 14th June 2013.

The band just released the first single of the album, a track called 'Dolmen' was posted in their Bandcamp page, you can buy it for ₤1 GBP or more RIGHT HERE.
But you can also listen the song right here on the player below:

The album will be released in June on the band’s own Thrones & Dominions label on boutique heavyweight gatefold vinyl and digital download. In the run up to the album, a series of remixes commissioned by the band themselves will be released, with re-interpretations of all the album’s tracks by Dälek, Antoni Maiovvi, Bronnt Industries Kapital, Ladyscraper, Fairhorns and ORE. A single and video for ‘Dolmen’, track 3 of the album, will also precede the release.

A heavy band for whom considered songwriting and catchy hooks are as important as bruising riffs, in  Centurionaut (2013) Anta have produced the most convincing demonstration of their vision so far.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Pink Floyd - Single For Record Store Day

Pink Floyd has just jump on the bandwagon of the Record Store Day too!

The Record Store Day is an internationally celebrated day observed the third Saturday of April each year. Its purpose is to celebrate the art of music and bring together fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores across the world. With hundreds of recording and other artists participating in the day by making special appearances, performances, meet and greets with their fans, the holding of art exhibits, and the issuing of special vinyl and CD releases along with other promotional products to mark the occasion.

As part of Record Store Day 2013 Pink Floyd reissue their classic 1967 single See Emily Play b/w The
Scarecrow as a Limited Edition heavyweight 7" Pink Vinyl Single replicating the original release, and including a replica of the original instore poster. Limited to 2500 copies, See Emily Play will be available from selected independent record stores on Saturday April 20th. 

More info about the Record Store Day and to find the one near you click HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website


Museo Rosenbach - New Album

The classic Italian band Museo Rosenbach is back on the studios!

Born in the early 70's in Bordighera, Italy the band originally released only one album, the classic Zarathustra (1973).

In 2012 the original members, Alberto Moreno (bass and piano) and Giancarlo Golzi (drums) decided to bring back on stage the world of Zarathustra, they contact Stefano “Lupo” Galifi (vocals) and with Max Borelli (guitars), Sandro Libra (guitars), and Fabio Meggetto (keyboards)  the band was ready to go.

Since then the band released the album Zarathustra Live In Studio (2012) and now the brand new Barbarica (2013).

Barbarica (2013) has 5 songs that evokes the 70's and it was just released this month by ARS.

1. Il Respiro Del Pianeta - 13’54
2. La Coda Del Diavolo - 6’46
3. Abbandonati - 6’32
Fiore Di Vendetta - 6’46
5. Il Re Del Circo - 7’12

The first single of the album is 'La Coda Del Diavolo' and you can watch the official video below:

You can order your copy through THIS LINK.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Tim Morse - New Album

Prog keyboardist Tim Morse release his  second album. Faithscience (2012) is the long awaited follow-up to Tim's debut album Transformation (2005), featuring a guest appearance by legendary David Ragsdale of Kansas.
Tim spent two years working with different musicians (including Ragsdale), writing, arranging, and recording until he'd conjured up what he'd been hearing in his head. The music on 'Faithscience' is in keeping with the grand tradition of progressive rock, painting a large musical landscape to express universal lyrical ideas.

Says Tim, “'Faithscience' started out as a concept album based on the life of Charles Lindbergh. I'd read A. Scott Berg's book on him and was fascinated by the arc of his life. He was not simply a pilot who managed to make the first solo crossing of the Atlantic. It seemed that I could write about the things I wanted to say using that as the template. However, as I worked on the project it started to drift away from the initial vision, but the listener could certainly find the threads of it if they wished. The song 'Voyager' is the one piece that is still definitely about Lindbergh and his voyage. The finished album is a less specific statement, reflecting someone who was rooted in science, but over the course of his lifetime and a series of events becomes transformed into a spiritual seeker.”

In addition to the release of Faithscience (2012)  Tim continues to perform with Parallels (Yes tribute), After The Beatles and the Jerry Jennings band. He is in the process of putting together a new band with Bret Bingham to perform original music. Plans are currently in the works for a new album release, and some live performances by the new ensemble later this year!

1. Descent
2. Voyager
3. Closer
4. Window
5. Numb
6. Myth
7. Found It
8. Rome
9. The Last Wave
10. Afterword
11. The Corners

You can preview the album in THIS LINK. To order your copy on Amazon CLICK HERE.

Source: Press release / Morse's official website


KingBathmat - Free Download

KingBathmat are offering a free six-track album sampler download via their Bandcamp page.

The free sampler includes one song from each of the band’s studio albums: Son Of A Nun (2003), Crowning Glory (2004)Fantastic Freak Show Carnival (2005), Blue Sea Black Heart (2008), Gravity Field (2009) and the most recent Truth Button (2012). This album was already reviewed on Progshine, read it HERE.

KingBathman Album Sampler tracklist:
1. Behind The Wall (from Truth Button)
2. Lost Forever (from Gravity Field)
3. Paper Bag (from Blue Sea, Black Heart)
4. Ghost In The Fire (from Fantastic Freak Show Carnival)
5. The Sun And Moon (from Crowning Glory)
6. Post Traumatic (from Son Of A Nun)

You can download it for free RIGHT HERE. Or listen to it below:

You can also listen one the band's songs on our Podcast #12, the name is 'Dives And Pauper'. CLICK HERE to listen.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Tangerine Dream - New Album

Tangerine Dream will release double-live album Starmus: Sonic Universe (2013) on April 25, featuring guest star Brian May of Queen fame.

It was recorded in Tenerife in 2011 at an event marking the 50th anniversary of Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering space flight. Attendees included spacemen Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Alexi Leonov and Jim Lovell.

May appears on opening track Supernova, which features the real sound of acoustic pressure waves from stars; and on a version of his solo song Last Horizon. Later in the set he returns for Irish air Sally’s Garden and a rendition of Queen classic We Will Rock You, which, says May, was “largely improvised by us on the spot.”

Tangerine Dream mainman Edgar Froese says: “Brian is not only an exceptional guitarist – he’s also a very open-minded artist to work with.”

Starmus: Sonic Universe is available to pre-order via Tangerine Dream’s website HERE. Froese is currently recovering from a broken jaw sustained during a serious fall, which forced the band to cancel their appearance on Yes’ Cruise To The Edge festival.

CD 1
1. Supernova (Real Star Sounds)
2. Last Horizon
3. Marmontel Riding On A Clef
4. Trauma
5. Nothing And All
6. Nutshell Awakening
7. Shining Ray
8. Beauty Of Magic Antagonism
9. Novice
10. One Night In Space
CD 2
1. Calymba Caly
2. Omniscience
3. Janus Parade
4. Loved By The Sun
5. Fire On The Mountain
6. Darkness Veiling The Night
7. Living In Eternity
8. Bells Of Accra
9. Sally’s Garden
10. We Will Rock You (Extended)
Extra: Tenderness (Russian Song sung by Iris Camaa)

Source: Press release / Band's official website


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