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News Of The World (20/04 - 26/04)

Hello Proggers! It's time for one more News Of The Week here on Progshine.
This is the space where we publish the most important News of the Prog World that happened in the last week. Everything in just one place!

If you're a band, musician, manager or just a music lover that want to share some piece of News about your favorite artist send me press releases or links through our Contact page or in

Here it is the News of this Week:

Lebowski - New Album

The Polish band Lebowski just announced that they're recording the follow up of their debut album Cinematic (2010).

According to the band's announcement their new album will be released in Autumn 2013 and the setlist for the new album's selected!
The band had to choose 8 tracks out of 16, which means their third album can come soon than expected!

Lebowski now will spend a couple of weeks refining the tone and arrangements, then the entire summer in the studio.
So far the band revealed 4 track's titles: 'Midnight Syndrome', 'Mirage Avenue', 'Berlin' and 'Slightly Inhuman'.

More info will come soon. For now you can read our review of their album Cinematic (2010) HERE and listen some of the band's tracks HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Sigma Project - New Single

Brazilian Progressive Metal trio Sigma Project released on YouTube their third official single 'Sea'.

The name was chosen to represent the unknown inside the sea, and this is the first single released as multi-cam style video.

Sigma Project‘s guitarist, Vitor Mancini revealed that the band tried to write a song more solid and melodic than the previous singles.

To record the new single, Neemias Teixeira (Keyboards) used a Korg M3 Keyboard and iPad apps Sunrizer Synth and Animoog, Raphael Rodrigues (Bass) used Ibanez BTB 676 Bass and Vitor Mancini (Guitars) used a Erie Ball Music Man JP6 Guitar.

Listen 'Sea' on the video below:

Sigma Project previous works are available online on YouTube, listen to “Binding Chains” released in February HERE.

Source: BMReviews / Band's official Facebook page


Captain Beyond - New Live Album

Purple Pyramid Records will be releasing a vintage live recording of legendary classic rock band Captain Beyond Live In Texas October 6, 1973 (2013) on May 21, 2013 on CD & Double-LP. One of the most underrated classic rock bands of the early 1970's, Captain Beyond were considered a 'supergroup' of sorts at the time and featured original Deep Purple lead vocalist Rod Evans, former Iron Butterfly guitarist Larry 'Rhino' Reinhardt and bassist Lee Dorman, and ex-Johnny Winter drummer Bobby Caldwell. Although the band only lasted three critically acclaimed albums and several tours of the US and Europe, the band's following is as strong today as it was back in their heyday! Now with the release of this rare sought after concert recording on CD and vinyl for the first time, fans can relive the magic that was Captain Beyond in concert! Recorded just after the release of the group's second album 'Sufficiently Breathless', Captain Beyond 'Live In Texas' captured the band while on tour with King Crimson.

1. Distant Sun
2. Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air)
3. Armworth
4. Myopic Void
5. Drifting In Space
6. Pandora's Box (It's War)
7. Thousand Days Of Yesterday
8. Frozen Over
9. Mesmerization Eclipse
10. Stone Free

The amazing liner notes were written by famed rock historian Dave Thompson. Through extensive conversations with Bobby Caldwell, the story of Captain Beyond unfolds, including listening parties with the Allman Brothers, the unusual signing to Capricorn Records, and a fruit-flinging show with Sha Na Na!

To pre-order Captain Beyond – Live In Texas October 6, 1973 on CD CLICK HERE. If you prefer the Double LP edition CLICK HERE.


Orphaned Land - New Album Pre Orders

The new Orphaned Land album is called All Is One (2013) and will be released in June 24th (USA June 25th),.
However is already possible to pre order the album including a Limited 100 White LP edition.

According to a band's post on their Facebook page there's a few facts the fans should know about the new album:

- It is one of the most tragic albums Orphaned Land ever wrote.
- The album was recorded in Sweden, Turkey & Israel.
- The Limited edition consist songs in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish and even Latin. 3 bonus tracks and a bonus DVD with documentary, studio clips and more is added to this edition
- A choir of 25 singers + an amazing strings orchestra appears on the album.

To pre order your copy go to the band's website on THIS LINK.

Source: Press release / Band's official website


Extol - New Single + New Album

Norwegian Extreme Progressive Metal band Extol announced the signing with Indie Records to release self-titled comeback album Extol (2013).

Extol (2013) is scheduled to release in 24th June in Europe, 21st June in Norway, Germany and Austria. Other locations will be announced soon. The album is available for pre-order through THIS LINK.

Interviewed, EXTOL drummer David Husvik said: “Extol (2013) is the album that was planned all the way, but never materialized. Partly due to changes in the line-up, but also because of the band´s urge to always reach for something new. The album is the recap of 20 years of Extol-history, both musically and lyrically.” 

In 2007 Extol announced the members split-up to work on separated projects – In 2012, the band announced their re-activation and started a documentary known as the Extol: of Light and Shade and working in the album.


1. Betrayal

2. Open The Gates3. Wastelands
4. A Gift Beyond Human Reach
5. Faltering Moves
6. Behold The Sun

7. Dawn Of Redemption

8. Ministers

9. Extol

10. Unveiling The Obscure

The first single 'Open The Gates' is available below:


Allan Holdsworth - Re-release

Re-issue of FLATTire - Music For A Non Existent Movie (2001) is available exclusively from MoonJune Records until the official release date on May 15.

MoonJune Records will re-release another Allan Holdsworth album, FLATTire - Music For A Non Existent Movie (2001). The album, subtitled "Music From A Non-Existent Movie", easily qualifies as one of his most mysterious, yet introspective works.
Originally released in 2001, the album had a small print run, received little notice and no fanfare. Comprised predominantly of performances played on his beloved SynthAxe, Holdsworth delivers a set of stunningly beautiful, emotional tunes.

"I had just gone through a difficult divorce and was experiencing a lot of pain and feeling very lost and introspective", Holdsworth said, when reflecting upon the circumstances which preceeded his making the album". I had always wanted to compose music for movies, but had never been given the opportunity", he elaborated. "Whenever I watch a movie I like to imagine what sort of music I might compose for a scene, to create a particular kind of atmosphere, because when I see something I hear something. So, while recording FLATTire I tried to create these imaginary movies in my head and then write themes for them." In the same way that the more impressionistic and even orchestral-sounding compositions on FLATTire differ significantly from those on Holdsworth’s other albums, his performances and even his approach to playing his instrument also differed. "Most of the things I played weren’t particularly technical in the sense of requiring exceptional dexterity," he explained. "They were all about the emotion and staying true to the concept of supporting visual images. That’s very different than making a normal record, where the focus is just on a piece of music and soloing within that. "While for more than a decade the original release has lingered in relative obscurity.

1. The Duplicate Man (Intro) (1:51)
2. The Duplicate Man (4:37)
3. Eeny Meeny (4:43)
4. Please Hold On (3:56)
5. Snow Moon (7:59)
6. Curves (5:31)
7. So Long (5:27)
8. Bo Beep (3:42)

9. Don’t You Know (9:12)

The album can be streamed HERE.

The album is presented in digipak format, with some new, engaging liner notes written by Guitar Player Magazine, Barry Cleveland. Featuring a guest appearance on two tracks by the late, great jazz bassist, Dave Carpenter, FLATTire - Music For A Non Existent Movie (2001) is an album completely unique in the Allan Holdsworth discography -- highlighting an entirely different side of his creative persona, as well as his genius as an engineer and producer. Don't miss out on this intimate personal statement from one of progressive music's finest treasures.

The album can be pre-ordered in CD HERE and in digital formats HERE.

Source: Press release / Allan's official website


Days Between Stations - New Album

The sophomore album by LA prog duo Days Between Stations is titled In Extremis (2013) and will be released in May 15.
Boasting an incredible guest line-up of music legends featuring Colin Moulding (XTC), Rick Wakeman (YES), Peter Banks (YES/Flash) Tony Levin (King Crimson/Peter Gabriel) and Billy Sherwood (YES/CIRCA:), Days Between Stations reach a new level of creative artistry on their new album. With a title like 'In Extremis' (Latin, In extremity – A term used in reference to the last illness prior to death) one can begin to understand the intensity and sepulchral mood of the musical direction.

Keyboardist Oscar Fuentes explains the concept behind the album, “There's the saying that your life flashes before your eyes in near death – and, presumably, actual death – experiences, so the album begins at the climax with 'No Cause For Alarm' and, as told on 'Visionary', 'flashes back to the beginning' and then in not strictly chronological order tells the story of our protagonist's life. Not cheerful stuff, I know, but there's some humor in there and if you read the lyrics I think ultimately it's a positive message. I've had some personal losses in the last few years, so I tend to grapple with that in my lyrics, while Sepand is going to be a father soon...we tried to integrate those two themes, birth and death, into the lyrics.”

Along with the legendary guest artists, the 'In Extremis' album cover art was created by famed artist Paul Whitehead, best known for his work with Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator. Says Sepand, “To us, the artwork for an album is just as important as the music. We met with Paul at a coffee shop and I vaguely discussed the concept of the album – as the songs were not fully conceptualized at the time. He came up with some great images – on the spot – about this guy lying on a hospital bed while he was – as our lyrics say - 'retracing all of the memories'. These memories are whirling around him, while he is in extremis. The great collaboration that we shared with Paul allowed the music and the artwork to become symbiotic...creating a true, tangible concept.”

Veteran engineer William Kaylor (Fleetwood Mac, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson) was also recruited to the project in order to improve the sound quality of the recordings. Once again, Grammy Award winner Evren Göknar, from Capitol Mastering, joins Days Between Stations to master 'In Extremis'.

As far as future plans for Days Between Stations, a full documentary about the recording of the 'In Extremis' album is currently in the works. There is a strong possibility that the debut album will be remixed. Both albums will most likely be issued on vinyl as a limited edition release. Also talks of live performances are being discussed at the moment. In closing Sepand and Oscar have this to impart to their fans and listeners, “Thank you very much for your unequivocal support and for giving us confidence. Sorry for the wait, hope it was worth it!”

You can pre-order your copy through THIS LINK.

Source: Press release / Band's official website.

AltaVia - Free Live Album Download

Italian band AltaVia is offering a live album for Free Download on their website! Live @ La Casa Di Alex (2013) was recorded in January 26th.

Here's the official band's post: "Hello everyone, this is big news: the whole gig we played last January in Milan is available for free download on our website. Along with the audio you'll also find a pdf file you may print and use as the cover if you wish to burn your own cd. Enjoy!"

This is the second official release by the band, their first album was Girt Dog (2011).

1. Picture Frame
2. The Circle Gallery
3. In Another Way
4. Ghost Caged For Keepsake
5. Hide From An Angry Heart
6. I'll Be There
7. Wounded part I
8. Wounded part II

You can download the album through the band's website in THIS LINK.

The band appears on our Podcast #15 with the song 'I'll Be There' taken from this album RIGHT HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website


Little Atlas - New Track

North American band Little Atlas is in finalizing the recording of their new album. This will be their first album since Hollow (2007).

The band is updating the recordings through their Facebook page.

The last post reveals the first track from the album to gain a video: 'Apathy'. That you can view on the end of this post.

The new Little Atlas album will be callled Automatic Day (2013) and will be released through 10T Records on May 3rd. The band also revelead the artwork for the album's cover.
The album will be available to pre-order soon.

And if you guys didn't hear about they last free download here's the a little piece of advice. Little Atlas has a Live DVD as FREE DOWNLOAD their label page. Click HERE to download it.

Below watch the video:


Izz - New Live Dates

North American band Izz will be Lite in their next 3 concerts, featuring John Galgano, Laura Meade, Paul Bremner and Brian Coralian!

Along with Izz two other bands will be playing the same bill at NJ Proghouse: 3rd Degree and Pinnacle.

Saturday, May 11
NJ Proghouse, Roxy & Dukes, Dunellen, NJ

Monday, May 13
Prog on the Sound

Saturday, May 18
Orion Sound Studios, Baltimore, MD

Last Izz album is Crush Of Night (2012) that has the Gary Green (Gentle Giant) participation. You can read the review here on Progshine in THIS LINK.



Jordan Rudess - New Album + PledgeMusic Campaign

Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund an ambitious project involving an orchestral album alongside a solo piano record.

He believes crowdfunding is the way ahead for the music industry and he’s delighted to embrace the business model. View his introductory video below, in which he explains more.

Rudess says on his PledgeMusic page: “It’s been a few years since I recorded my last solo album, Notes On a Dream. The inspiration has been flowing ever since, and I’m now ready to set forth in recording my orchestral piece, Explorations, as well as my solo piano album, Explores.”

He’s determined to harness developing technology options in the process, saying: “For Explorations we will be creating an entirely virtual orchestral experience. We will bring virtuoso instrumental players into the studio, and not only make an audio recording, but also capture them on film with the goal of creating a unique, visual experience.

“Explores will be created as a completely interactive iOS app experience, in addition to being made available in a CD and digital download format. You can sit back and enjoy, add your personal touch, or play a duet with me and share your version with your friends.”

Pledge options start at $10 for copies of the albums. Bonus packages include a phone call from Rudess ($100), signed CD and your name in the credits ($100), a song about you ($1500), Rudess playing on your album ($5000) and a house concert ($10,000).

The keyboardist feels new technology together with crowdfunding offers artists much more potential. “By enlisting you and working through PledgeMusic, the pipelines will be running with unfiltered creativity,” he says. “This is the new music industry – and I like it.”

Check his campaign page RIGHT HERE.

Source: Prog Rock Mag - Rudess' official website



Shining - King Crimson Cover

Norwegian band Shining have released a live video of their cover of King Crimson classic '21st Century Schizoid Man'.

The clip was shot in Oslo in 2010, and the band have launched it to mark their return to the the Rockefeller Music Hall on Friday.

Watch it below:

Frontman Jorgen Munkeby says: “I love the original version, but I also love it when twisting classics around gives them a brand new face. I feel this is the best version we have done of the song until now – but we’ll try to surpass it.”

Shining’s new album One One One (2013) was released on April 6.

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Band's official website

Sigur Rós - New Single

Iceland band Sigur Rós will release their new album, Kveikur (2013), on June 17th (18th in north america).

Kveikur (2013) will be self-produced by the band and will contain nine tracks. It's the first album of the band as a trio after the keyboard player Kjartan "Kjarri" Sveinsson left the band on the beginning of the year.

Kveikur (2013) is already available to pre-order through THIS LINK.

Kveikur (2013) has a weird cover art. The cover art, as you can see on the right (click to enlarge), is taken from a photography by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark taken in 1967.

The band also released a digital 3 track EP called Brennisteinn (2013) to present a new song. You can buy it HERE.

Sigur Rós just announced their first single of the album, 'Isjaki', this is also the band's first Lyric Video ever.

Watch it below:

Source: Press release / Band's official website


Opposing Motion - New Album Sampler + Pre-Order

Progressive metal outfit Opposing Motion is set for the release of their upcoming debut album “Laws Of Motion” (2013).

Opposing Motion are comprised of Ludovic Desa (vocals), Joe McGurk (guitars), David Deplanche (bass) and Kevin Deplanche (drums) and their sound is reminiscent of iconic bands such as Royal Hunt, Seventh Wonder, Fates Warning, Symphony X, Crimson Glory and also newer power/prog bands ala Circus Maximus, Pagan’s Mind, Above symmetry.

The band released a Laws Of Motion (2013) sampler on Soundcloud. You can listen to it below:

2012 saw the band recorded their first debut album entitled “Laws Of Motion” (2013)” and have now teamed up with prog metal label Lion Music to bring their music to the scene on 11th May 2013.

The album is also available to pre-order through iTunes in THIS LINK.

1. Deux Ex Machina - 1:12
2. Forever's Edge - 5:49
3. Labyrinth Of Mirrors - 5:46
4. Las Lagrimas Del Diablo - 3:58
5. Rites Of Passage - 5:35
6. Echoes Of The Soul - 6:01
7. Laws Of Motion - 4:29
8. The Fallen Opera - 9:52

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Jolly - New Video

Since the release of Jolly's latest work "The Audio Guide To happiness (Part 2)", the band has managed to film and edit its second music video for the song "Firewell", and almost simultaneously complete a highly successful 16 date tour across Europe with label-mates Riverside. 

In this new video, the band can be seen playing their instruments in a performance style piece, dressed down in black suits, having fun doing what they do best....playing great music. (And even a little Karate).

Just before the release of the album and tour with Riverside, Hurricane Sandy swept through the northeast United States destroyed the bands rehearsal space, studio and drummer Louis Abramson's home. Left with no instruments and no funding to replace everything on their own, the band turned to their fan base as a last ditch effort to continue, and in turn received an overwhelming amount of support from their fans. Allowing them to complete the album, replace their instruments and go on tour. Their resilience is a testament to why this young band stands out from the pack. 

The band commented: "Filmed in the post-hurricane wreckage in our studio, just like the Dust Nation Bleak video. We got a crash course in making the most with what you've got. Luckily we all fit into one suit. Enjoy! JOLLY loves you."

You can view the video for 'Firewell' below:

Jolly's new album The Audio Guide To Happiness Part. 2 was released on the 4th March, 2013 and the video comes just in time to give the U.S. fans a taste of what to expect on their upcoming North American tour with Riverside starting at the end of April and going into the middle of May. The dates can be found below. JOLLY will be supporting Riverside on the (North American New Generation Tour).

Source: Press release / Band's official website


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