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News Of The World (30/03 - 05/04)

Hello again proggers! It's time for one more News Of The Week here on Progshine where we publish the most important News of the Prog World.

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Here it is the News of this Week:

Kotebel - Best Album Nominated

The Spanish band Kotebel has been nominated for Best Instrumental Album in the 12th edition of the Independent Music Awards for their latest album Concerto For Piano And Electric Ensemble (2012).It is the only progressive rock album nominated in this edition.

This is a special public award, based on the votes from fans. You can vote in the band in THIS LINK.

The band comments on being nominated: "We are thrilled by this achivement not only for ourselves but for Progressive Rock in general. Our album is the only progressive rock nomination in this edition of the IMA."

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Nosound - New Album

Nosound return in May with their new studio album, Afterthoughts (2013). For the album Giancarlo Erra and the band have been joined by the former Porcupine Tree and Blackfield drummer, Chris Maitland.

Afterthoughts (2013) is the Nosound's fourth studio album, their first since A Sense Of Loss (2009). Since then Nosound have also released the semi-acoustic album, The Northern Religion Of Things (2011) and the recent EP, At The Pier (2012), as well as playing regular live dates around Europe.

Giancarlo has been writing material for Afterthoughts (2013) over the past two years but a series line up changes in late 2012 have shaped the way in which the record has evolved. Firstly Chris agreed to join the band and shortly after this Marianne De Chastelaine came on board to add cello parts to the album. Following this Marco Berni (keyboards) and Giulio Caneponi (drums) were also welcomed as full time members of the band joining Paolo Vigliarolo (guitars) and Alessandro Luci (bass).

Giancarlo has talked about the sense of enthusiasm these changes brought and the effect it had on the album; 'when we met for the second phase of the writing process, when we selected and arranged the material, it involved a total and immediate agreement within all of us, we immediately felt we were doing the right thing'.

Maitland also appeared on At The Pier (2012) and his powerful and inventive drumming has added a new dimension to the Nosound dynamic which is sure to impress fans, new and old. Giancarlo has stated that, 'in some way I feel this album is more 'direct' and powerful, and this is naturally reflected in both music and lyrics.'

Afterthoughts (2013) tracklist:
1. In My Fears
2. I Miss The Ground
3. Two Monkeys
4. The Anger Song
5. Encounter
6. She
7. Wherever You Are
8. Paralysed
9. Afterthought

Afterthoughts (2013) is available to pre-order from the band's label store, Kscope, as a double LP and as a 2 disc set featuring the stereo mix of the album on CD plus a DVD-A / DVD-V with 5.1 surround high resolution 24bit / 96kHz mixes.

- The first 500 pre-orders of the vinyl edition will be numbered and signed and shall also come with a free cloth Nosound bag and a bonus CD featuring instrumental versions of the tracks from the album.
- The first 500 pre-orders of the CD / DVD-AV set shall also receive the bonus instrumental CD.

More info on the album, along with a free MP3 of the track 'I Miss The Ground', can be found at the Afterthoughts (2013) mini-site which is now online at THIS ADDRESS. To buy your copy go HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

The Pineapple Thief - New EP + Tour Dates

The Pineapple Thief have recently returned with a new EP, Build A World (2013). In addition to the title track, taken from their album All The Wars (2012), the EP also features 3 brand new studio tracks along with a previously unreleased remix of 'Build A World'.

All The Wars (2012) marked the latest step for the band who over the last few years have truly emerged onto a higher stage… bigger tours, triumphant festival slots, recording at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios, artwork designed by award winning artists including Storm Thorgerson and Mark Mawson.

Build A World (2013) tracklist:
1. Build A World
2. What Are You Saying
3. You Don't Look So Innocent
4. You Drew Blood
5. Build A World (Remix)

To order it CLICK HERE.

The Pineapple Thief will have just completed a European tour in March and they will be following these with four UK dates in May, with support from ILIKETRAINS in London and Manchester, and The Red Paintings at all shows.
May 10th – The Garage, London
May 11th – NQ Live, Manchester
May 12th – The Cluny, Newcastle
May 13th – ABC 2, Glasgow

You'll find more info about the dates and tickets HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Re-release

Trout Mask Replica (1969) is the third release by Captain Beefheart and it was critically acclaimed as Van Vliet's magnum opus. Originally the album was released as a 28 track double album in June 1969 on Frank Zappa's newly formed Straight Records label. First issues, in the USA, were auto-coupled and housed in the black 'Straight' liners along with a 6-page lyric sheet illustrated by The Mascara Snake. A school-age portrait of Van Vliet appears on the front of this sheet, while the cover of the gatefold enigmatically shows Beefheart in a 'Quaker' hat, obscuring his face with the head of a fish. The fish is a carp – arguably a 'replica' for a trout, photographed by Cal Schenkel.

The album is now re-edited on Barks Of Will, label that is run by the Zappa Family. The new edition of Trout Mask Replica (1969) will be released in May 6 first on CD and then also on LP.

The pre-orders are available in THIS LINK.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Blue Mammoth - New Album

The Brazilian band Blue Mammoth is starting the recording process of their second album. The follow up of Blue Mammoth (2011) released by Masque Records. The band is formed by André Micheli (vocals and keyboards), André Lupac (guitars and flute), Julian Quilodran (bass, cello and flute - former bass player of Octohpera) and Thiago Meyer (drums).

According to an official post on their website, the band is right now on studio recording the new album that will have 10 tracks, including 2 suites among them. The post also mention that the new songs will be a little more longer than on the first record.
The album is being arranged and produced by the band itself and the recording sessions have begun on February of 2013.
By the time of the closing of this Post no date was given by the band for the official release.

Their debut album can be full streamed in the Soundcloud, listen below:

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Corvus Stone - New Album

Corvus Stone have been working on new material for their second album, follow up of their critically acclaimed self tiled debut in late 2012. According to the band's post they have almost 80 minutes worth of new material.

The band will be releasing a new single called 'Purple Stone' that should be available very soon. Pasi Koivu personal vision is the yet untitled 2nd album could be out next year.

Corvus Stone is a band from Finland and is formed by Colin Tench (guitars), Petri Lemmy Lindström (bass),  Pasi Koivu (keyboards), Robert Wolff (drums) and Blake Carpenter (vocals). Sonia Mota is also considered the 6th member of the band and continues as the bands personal artist.

Their first album of the band can be streamed on their Bandcamp below:

Source: Press release / Band's official Facebook page

Bigelf - New Album

The mainman says drummer Portnoy’s voice was instrumental in keeping the band going after the previous lineup caved in.

Announcing the deal with InsideOut, Fox says: “‘Finally! Bigelf lands on a planet whose atmosphere is synonymous with progressive rock. One of my all-time favourite quotes is, ‘Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.’ I’m ecstatic that InsideOut and Mike Portnoy have joined forces with Bigelf.”

“Since 2010, there have been numerous rumours on the Internet that I fired everyone. This is completely untrue.

“After the juggernaut of Cheat The Gallows came to a halt, the business and personal infrastructure imploded. A myriad of personal, financial and domestic matters had enveloped myself as well as certain members of the group.

“There also comes a time when, deep down inside, it just doesn’t feel right any more. This was a mutual feeling, and I believe it was obvious amongst the band. Subsequently, Ace Mark decided to move on in  2011, and a request by the remaining members for a dissolution of business followed. To put it simply, we went our separate ways without malice.”

In the aftermath Fox considered laying the band to rest for good – but Portnoy talked him out of it.

“I had been keeping in close touch with Mike after his very public and difficult departure from Dream Theater,” he explains. “My musical future seemed quite bleak and I was very vocal to Mike about not being able to sustain the band any longer on my own.

“He implored me to carry on. His encouragement and enthusiasm meant the world to me. Recognising that I needed some new allies, I asked him if he would help fight the good fight – and he readily agreed.

“Also, sharing a passion for all things rock’n'roll, my good friend Duffy Snowhill climbed aboard  for another round of thundering bass guitar; and for that, too, I am grateful.”

But Fox emphasises he couldn’t have come back without the support of his “amazing and dedicated” fans. “They send emails all the time saying how they feel about Bigelf. These emails inspire me greatly and they’re the reason that I continue to play this kind of music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Touching on the new album, he says: “I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new wondrous landscapes we’ve been sculpting. There are lots of surprises around the corner – stay tuned.”

Source: Prog Rock Mag / Band's official website

Magenta - New Live Date + New Album

English band Magenta will play The Borderline in August 31st 2013 as part of the launch weekend for their latest studio album The 27 Club (2013).

Magenta’s Rob Reed says: “I’m really excited about the release of The 27 Club (2013)  To my ears it’s full-on prog with a capital ‘P’ and in the vein of Seven (2004) and Metamorphosis (2008). I personally can’t wait to play the songs live and I’m sure the fans won’t be disappointed”.

More info about The 27 Club (2013) will be soon announced. For tickets and more info about the concert CLICK HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Re-releases

Razor & Tie will release a brand new Emerson, Lake & Palmer limited edition vinyl picture disc box set on Record Store Day, April 20th. The First Five: Picture Disc Collection (2013) brings the band’s first five studio albums together in one special vinyl package and is limited to 1250 units with each set individually numbered.

The box set contains the band’s most popular albums: Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970), Tarkus (1971), Picture At An Exhibition (1971), Trilogy (1972) and Brain Salad Surgery (1973). Purchase the first five: picture disc collection on April 20th at official Record Store Day exclusively at participating stores in the U.S. and Canada. List HERE.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s album artwork has always been a talking point among fans. This art is featured on the front and back of the pictures disc, including the most famous cover, Brain Salad Surgery (1973), by artists H.R. Giger.

Fans can also purchase Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Tarkus deluxe editions and exclusive t-shirt designs HERE.

Source: Prog Sphere / Band's official website

Sound Of Contact - New Album

Sound of Contact is the band project of Simon Collins, son of legendary Genesis frontman and drummer Phil Collins.

The band features Simon on vocals and drums, Dave Kerzner on keyboards, Kelly Nordstrom on guitar and bass, Matt Dorsey on guitar and bass. The new album Dimensionaut (2013) was mixed by Nick Davis and produced by Simon Collins and Dave Kerzner and will be released world-wide in the spring of 2013.

In 2012 Simon Collins and Dave Kerzner found themselves working again on a Genesis song but this time it was by the invitation of Steve Hackett who was putting together his album Genesis Revisited 2 (2012). The album includes both Simon and Dave participating on vocals and keyboards for the epic Genesis song 'Supper’s Ready'.

Now, in 2013 with their own album that took nearly 3 years to make, Sound of Contact are ready to unleash Dimensionaut (2013). The band also begins its touring schedule on March 24th in Montreal, Canada supporting Marillion on their Marillion Weekend Event. Then they’re joining Spock’s Beard and Beardfish in Europe in May for the Inside Out 20th Anniversary tour.

Source: Press release / Band's official website


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