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Review: Lobate Scarp - Time And Space (2012)

Artist: Lobate Scarp
Album: Time And Space
Year: 2012
Label: Self released

 Diego Camargo


Thoughts: Lobate Scarp is a North American band formed in 2006 by Adam Sears (vocals and keyboards). During the time of recording Time And Space (2012), the band’s debut album, they also had Andy Catt (bass), Dustin Prince (drums), Adrienne Woods (cello), Hoyt Binder (guitars) and Nate ‘The Fish’ Olmos (guitars and vocals).

Time And Space (2012) took 5 years and over 50 musicians to be completed. The album also includes a 30+ person classical choir and a guest percussionist Alex Acuña (Weather Report). The album was produced by Steven Leavitt and mixed and mastered by Rich Mouser (Spock's Beard, Transatlantic, Neal Morse).

It’s impressive that a debut album comes with such a nice digipack. The CD comes in a hard-cover bound booklet with 20 full color pages, with original art by world David A. Hardy (Hawkwind).
Every band that releases their albums in digipacks should learn with Lobate Scarp how you do it right! (pictures on their Bandcamp page HERE).

Lobate Scarp is an intriguing, refreshing and inspiring mix of Prog Rock with singable melodies. The first track ‘Time And Space’ begins and the game is over. The band gets you on the very beginning with the Adrienne Woods cello, and pulsing rhythm of Dustin Prince and the great synths by Adam Sears. One more thing, Adam can sing! That’s a big difference to a band.
The mix of Orchestral feeling and Prog Rock is very present in ‘Jacob’s Ladder’. And in ‘Beginning Of Us’ we have a pop melody that would fit in any radio station.

‘The Contradiction’ is a big mix of orchestra/synthesizers and great riffs! But I have to admit that the drum beat is exactly the same as ‘Youth Of The Nation’ by P.O.D. and the song itself is the weakest on the album.
‘Save My Soul’ is the heaviest song of Time And Space (2012) and, at the same time, it is a punch in the face and a mini heavy journey!
‘Moment’ is the most orchestral while ‘The Mirror’ is the epic one with David Gilmour’s guitar moments and a big choir.

Lobate Scarp is a band that can go far, Time And Space (2012) is probably the most strong debut album that I’ve heard in the last years.
It’s the power of the New Prog Generation showing that we can overcome the old ghosts with style and serenity.

The band was included in our Podcast #12 and you can listen the track 'Jacob's Ladder' HERE.

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