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News Of The World (17/05 - 31/05)

Hello Proggers! It's time for one more News Of The Week here on Progshine.
This is the space where we publish the most important News of the Prog World that happened in the last week. Everything in just one place!

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Here it is the News of this Week:

Transatlantic - New Album

Proggers, rejoice! According to a series of posts in the Twitter and Facebook the supergroup Transatlantic just finished the basic recordings of their new album.

The album is far from being released yet and the info is still raw, the best piece of info was given by MIke Portnoy in Facebook.

Mike stated that the fourth studio album of the band is around 75 minutes long and has five songs on it, 2 epics and 3 'normal' length. The band also recorded 8 cover songs to the double special edition of the album.
Release date is expected for the beginning of 2014.

More info as soon as they are reveleade her eon Progshine. This will be the follow up of their acclaimed album The Whirlwind (2009).

Source: Band's official website

KingBathmat - New Album

The English band KingBathmat revealed some light on their new album, follow up of Truth Button (2012). You can read the Truth Button (2012) review on Progshine right HERE.

This will be the seventh KingBathmat album and it is called Overcoming The Monster (2013).
The album artwork was made by Tazminion Art and it's a scary and at the same time beautiful cover (see below)!

The album was recorded in the last few months and will be available as CD and digital download, the pre-order will be available in the next days through their official website in THIS LINK.

KingBathmat is formed by John Bassett - vocals and bass / Lee Sulsh - guitars / Bernie Smirnoff - drums  and David Georgiou - keyboards.

A teaser of the album was posted on Youtube and you can see it below:

Source: Press release / Band's official website


Anima Mundi - New Album

The Cuban Symphonic Prog band Anima Mundi is about to release their new album.

This is the 4th album of the band and it's called The Lamplighter (2013).
The release date is June 15th but you can already pre-order it on the band's online shop RIGHT HERE.

The Lamplighter (2013) is a concept album. According to the official sband's statement: "This is a journey in a world of legend and magic, through a planet called Earth, human kind, a mother star we calls Sun, the meaning of existence and the Lamp of His Majesty Love, a world where the seemingly simplest things that surround and go with to us in daily life will acquire the magic and astonishing essence that only a lighted heart is able to see." You can read more about the concept HERE.

The album cover was created by Ed Unitsky.

Suite The Lamplighter 
1. On Earth beneath the stars (4.24)
2. The call and farewell song (6.20)
3. Light the lantern of your heart (6.09)
4. The human house (3.57)
Suite Tales from Endless Star
5. The dream child behind the mask (9.05)
6. The return - Part I (3.29)
7. Endless star (10.38)
8. The return - Part II (3.24)
9. His Majesty Love (6.58)

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Leafblade - New Album

Leafblade (Daniel Cavanagh and Daniel Cardoso from Anathema), plus Sean Jude and Kevin Murphy (both ex-Valle Crucis) just released a new album - a subtle combination of lush symphonic atmospheres, anthemic refrains, potent guitar work and inventive percussion.

Valle Crucis were contemporaries of Anathema on the Liverpool music scene and Daniel was a long time admirer of the band. Leafblade - formed in 2003 - offered the musicians a chance to explore new sonic possibilities outside of their other band's remits.

Produced by Cavanagh, the band's Kscope label debut The Kiss Of Spirit And Flesh (2013) extends Leafblade's dynamic range and includes elaborate orchestration in addition to idiosyncratic lute-like nylon strings and unusual multi-range vocals.

Daniel feels that the album has found a natural home at Kscope, a label he has worked with extensively over the past few years and says, "The writing is absolutely top class and the Progressive nature of the music makes it very much part of Kscope's orbit."

He continues, "We feel the album is a special one thanks to the beautiful lyrics, superb arrangements and excellent musicianship. It should appeal to Anathema fans and Progressive fans alike."

Tracklist:1. Bethlehem
2. The Hollow Hills
3. Sunset Hypnos
4. Fuschia
5. Oak Machine
6. Thirteen
7. Beneath A Woodland Moon
8. Portrait

To order your copy go HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's Facebook page

Brainticket - Reissue

Purple Pyramid Records will be reissuing the seminal 1971 debut album and psych-groove masterpiece by legendary Brainticket titled Cottonwoodhill (1971) on CD May 7, 2013. Featuring full digital remastering for superior sonic clarity and packaged with extensive liner notes by music historian Dave Thompson!

Brainticket is the brainchild of Joel Vandroogenbroeck, a Belgian based in Switzerland who grew up studying classical piano before switching to jazz. He received the Art Tatum prize as “youngest jazz pianist” at the tender age of fifteen, and was soon touring around Europe and Africa. By 1967, Joel was still playing jazz but he found new inspiration in the sounds emanating from German Krautrock artists Amon Duul II, Can and Tangerine Dream.Under the influence of these groups, Joel and guitarist Ron Byer recruited drummer Wolfgang Paap and formed the trio that would become Brainticket. The group’s 1971 debut album 'Cottonwoodhill' immediately ran into a storm of controversy for its association with psychedelic drugs. The album came with a warning label that insisted you should “Only listen once a day to this record. Your brain might be destroyed,” which led to the album being banned in several countries including the USA.

From then on, Brainticket’s reputation as a band of experimentalists at the forefront of underground, avant-garde music had been solidified. Following the death of Bryer, Joel began exploring electronic sounds, moved to Italy and met an American woman named Carole Muriel. A pair of Swiss musicians, guitarist Rolf Hug and bassist Martin Sacher, followed and the group released 1972’s 'Psychonaut'. A rock opera collaboration with Academy Award winning film composer Bill Conti ('Rocky') followed before Joel began work on a new Brainticket album based on the 'Egyptian Book of the Dead'. The new album, 'Celestial Ocean', told the after-life experience of Egyptian kings traveling through space and time, from the desert land to the pyramids. Released in 1973, the album was hailed as the definitive Brainticket experience and earned the band their greatest acclaim.

In 2012, Brainticket went out on the road, touring the US with a set that reached all the way back to these magnificent beginnings. And when he was interviewed at tour’s end, Joel was still flying high. “At the start I didn't believe that this would be possible, but I can say now that this was one of my best experiences with Brainticket. New blood flew in my veins. I was invited all over the place and the concerts were a huge success. People my age that were still huge fans of Brainticket mixed with young generations that wanted to learn from me, what I knew, and experience what I had done with music. It was like a dream. A space rock invasion!”

1. Lock
2. Break The Mirror
3. Kiss The Girl!
4. Deliberately
5. Boxes
6. The Fear Of Dreaming
7. 100 Presents
8. Babel
9. Gridlock
10. Sightseeings
11. Unlock
12. Rideehoo!!

To order your copy go HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website


The Tangent - New Album

Almost 2 years after the release of the album COMM (2011) The Tangent return with their latest opus Le Sacre Du Travail (2013). A large scale classically inspired sinfonia in five movements, conceptually based around a typical western citizen's day at work. As normal, the lineup of the Tangent has switched again and this album is made by a similar band to that which released the Not As Good As The Book (2008). However, the core of that band is here augmented by Gavin Harrison - the astonishing drummer noted for his work with Porcupine Tree, and by David Longson, the lead singer of the hugely respected and popular Big Big Train.

This is, according to the band, the most ambitious and far reaching project they've ever embarked on, with Tillison saying: "It's a huge piece, an attempt to follow some of my own heroes into the field of creating a Rock/Orchestral hybrid - something I've wanted to do all my life."

The title means "The Rite Of Work" and it is described in one of its two subtitles as "Cinq Tableaux de la Vie Contemporaine" (or "Five Pictures of Contemporary Life"), and in the other subtitle as "An Electric Sinfonia by Andy Tillison"

The album contains just this one piece of work (although some early editions will have 3 bonus tracks). The piece is made up of five movements each of which represents a part of the working day.

"The idea of the album" says Tillison "is to write something grandiose and ambitious that can include many feelings of many people about something they all experience. It's a symphony for the common person, the doctor, teacher, shop assistant, lorry driver, policeman and office worker and how the ritual of daily life in the bulk of the West (and now more so in all developed countries) has often alienated the individual. In this sense there's more than a couple of parallels with The Moody Blues Days of Future Passed album from 1967. However Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring" was its inspiration both musically and lyrically, although his piece does not have lyrics, it represented contemporary life in earlier times - looking at the rituals of rural life and labour. Our album is an attempt to create a similar observation of the times we live in now."

To pre-order your copy check THIS LINK.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Imagery - New Video

Brazilian Prog Hand band Imagery has a new video available. The track is called 'Start The War' and it was taken from their debut album The Inner Journey (2012). You can red the review of the album here on Progshine in THIS LINK.

The video was produced by João Rodrigo Milanez from Usina de Idéias, the video was shot in their hometown, Londrina/Brazil, and it's focused on the musicians performance.

Imagery is formed by Joceir Bertoni (vocals/guitars), Ricardo Fanucchi (bass), Bruno Pamplona (drums) and Henrique Loureiro (keyboards).

Wath the video below:

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Riverside - New Video
Polish band Riverside still celebrate the acceptance of their new album Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (2013). Progshine reviewed the album, read it HERE.

The band just released a live video of the track 'Feel Like Falling' from this year’s tour

Riverside continue ”New Generation Tour” - their longest tour ever - promoting latest album Shrine Of New Generation Slaves (2013) which has been enthusiastically received by the fans and reviewers. The band has just come back from the overseas leg of the tour, during which they visited the US and Mexico. 

"The experience is incredible," says Mariusz Duda, the band’s leader. "You organize your own tour across the Ocean and the people actually come to see you (laughs). I think we’ve reached yet another level."

The next concert dates:
2013.06.01 Thessaloniki (Greece) - Eightball Club
2013.06.02 Athens (Greece) - Gagarin 205
2013.06.04 Belgrad (Serbia) - Klub Fest
2013.06.05 Zagreb (Croatia) - Mocvara
2013.06.06 Ljubljana (Slovenia) - Gala Hala Club
2013.06.08 Prague (Czech Republic) - Nová Chmelnice 
2013.06.09 Wrocław (Poland) - Eter
2013.06.23 Clisson (France) – Hellfest
2013.07.14 Węgorzewo (Poland) – Seven Festival
2013.07.20 Fulda (Germany) - Burg Herzberg
2013.07.26 Lichtenvoorde (the Netherlands) - Zwarte Cross

More info about dates and tickets HERE.

Check out the video:

Source: Press release / Band's official website


Circa - New Live Album

Circa just released a new live album. Funded by Yes veterans Tony Kaye (keyboards) and Billy Sherwood (vocals and guitars), with Ricky Tierney (bass) and Scott Connor (drums), Circa has released so far 3 studio albums and one DVD.

Their first live album was released by Glassville Records and it's called Live From Here There & Everywhere (2013).

The album is a 70 minutes long and deliver a soaring fusion of melodic modern Rock and epic 1970's Progressive that plays to the strengths of a gifted collective of players.

1. And so on (9:35) 
2. Ever changing world (6:55) 
3. True progress (10:26) 
4. Cast away (7:06) 
5. Remember along the way (12:04) 
6. Half way home (5:42) 
7. Together we are (7:58) 
8. It its not too late (13:24) .

Watch the trailer below:

To purchase go direct to Glasville online store in THIS LINK.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Höstsonaten - New Live Album

The great dream of Fabio Zuffanti from the composition of the music on Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner was to transpose the whole opera in a theatrical version giving people a version that could visualize the magic words and the music of the poem. Thanks to the meeting with genoese director Susanna Tagliapietra, author of the great achievements in the field of the musical with his versions of “Aida” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”, the dream has become reality. Susanna has helped to bring alive the musical world of Zuffanti creating a multimedia work and reproducing on stage the supernatural universe of Coleridge with multimedia elements, dance and stage actions.

The first of the show was held last December 16, 2012 in the prestigious Teatro Verdi in Genoa getting a great success. From evening is taken this double album containing a DVD with the shooting of the show (and a funny backstage) and a CD with the audio recording of the evening. Compared to the studio version, published on CD last year, the theatrical version contains many new arrangements and a completely new piece (“Interlude”).

The box will be released in June 15th.

Höstsonaten previous work, the studio version of The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner: Chapter One (2012) was reviewed in Progshine HERE.

Watch the trailer below:

You can buy your copy HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website

Karda Estra - New Album

Karda Estra are set to release their tenth album Mondo Profondo (2013) in July on the Believers Roast label.

It will be available as a download and a special edition CD. The CD will also include their previous album New Worlds (2011) which has only been available as a download so far.

Mondo Profondo (2013) features four Richard Wileman compositions plus two collaborations – one with Matt Baber (Sanguine Hum) and another with Mohadev and Benjamin DeGain (Terraformation), Stuart Rowe (Lighterthief /Andy Partridge), Kavus Torabi (Knifeworld/Cardiacs) and Phil Mercy (Thieves' Kitchen).

New Worlds (2011) also featured collaborations with Rowe and Torabi plus Bridget Wishart and Don Falcome (Hawkwind / Spirits Burning).

For anyone new to Karda Estra's style of instrumental futurist nostalgia, a free eight track sampler album is available to download on their Bandcamp page HERE.

Source: Press release / Band's official website


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