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Podcast #18 (21/05/13)

Hello again Proggers of the World! Here I am, Diego Camargo, ready to Prog with our weekly dose of Progressive Rock in the episode of our Podcast number eighteen.

I would like to thanks Giancarlo Erra from the band Nosound that gave us our new intro and also for his time. I interviewed Giancarlo last Sunday and the audio interview will be available next Thursday! Stay alert!

If you didn’t know yet we have a new Giveaway happening RIGHT NOW! The North American band Elephants Of Scotland released in January their first album called Home Away From Home (2013) and we have TEN, yes TEN digital Bandcamp copies of the album to give away for FREE. What you have to do to try and win a copy? Just click on the link available on today’s podcast post fill the form and you’re in!
If you don’t know the band yet we played them in our Podcast number 13, link on the post too.

Another week and another 10 great bands played in our show. Hope you like, please comment and share the episodes. Below the links commented on today's Podcast!

Links commented on this Episode:
Profile page Camelias Garden
Review You Have A Chance
Profile page Green Violinist
Review More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings
Profile page Big Big Train
Review English Electric Part Two
Elephants Of Scotland Giveaway
- News Of The World
- Genesis Progcast
- Prog Pizza
- BMReviews

Links to other Progshine profiles:

Power Of Prog

Below you'll find the episode embedded and all the info of what was played and the links to buy the records. Enjoy!

Songs played in this episode:
- Background music: Cartoon - Thor's Hammer + The Storm Before The Silence / from the album Estribo (2008)
Part 1
1. Green Violinist - The Great Scapegoat Seeking / from the album More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings - Buy it here!
2. Willowglass - A House Of Cards Pt. 2 / from the album The Dream Harbour - Buy it here!
3. Dynamo Bliss - Solemn Undulating Wave / from the album Day And Night - Buy it here!
Part 2
4. Bader Nana - 11:11 / from the album Anthology - Buy it here!
5. Flash - Night Vision / from the album Flash Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter - Buy it here!
6. Sound Of Contact - I Am Dimensionaut / from the album Dimensionaut - Buy it here!
Part 3
7. Paweł Penksa - T.B.C. / from the EP Pandemonium - Free download here!
8. Robert John Godfrey - Prelude III / from the album Art Of Melody - Buy it here!
9. Hums In The Dark - Honorbound / from the album World Of Syncope - Buy it here!
10. Os Mutantes - Picadilly Willie / from the album Fool Metal Jack - Free download here!


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