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Review: Pravda - The Clarity Of Chaos (2012)

Artist: Pravda
Album: The Clarity Of Chaos
Year: 2012
Label: Sound West Records

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: Pravda’s is an American band formed in the early 2000’s. Their new album was released last December 21st and it is called The Clarity Of Chaos (2012), the album is a thematic concept work about our short time here on the planet Earth.

Pravda’s music follows the Progressive Metal pathway but with a lighter tone. The band was a trio when they recorded the album with KC Thomsen (keyboards), Dave Thomas (drums) and John Redfield (guitars, bass and vocals). Now the band also has Tom Svanoe (bass) in the line-up. The Clarity Of Chaos (2012) was recorded at Sonus West and Sonus East Studios and produced by the band itself. This is the band’s 4th album.

‘Second Hand’ starts the CD with quite a good work. The longest track on the album has many moods, rapid passages, Dream Theater kind of keyboards from time to time and a good vocal line.
The second track ‘Color Of The Moon’ starts as an Indian piece of music and soon a very frantic and weird electronic part follows. Then the track keeps a calm, contemplative pace. But very often the electronic Indian music returns.

‘Fall Across The Sky’ has a syncopated rhythm, almost a jam kind of track. Nice bass line tough. ‘Chaos & Clarity’ is a bit Prog Metal cliché, symphonic keyboards in the background, heavy riff on the guitar and bass and a straight forward drum track. The interesting move on the track are the vocals full of effects in the intro and the change for the acoustic guitar soon after that and a wave of vocals, the best bit of the album really.
‘A Hint Of Grey’ and ‘A Brief Awakening’ close the album.

The Clarity Of Chaos (2012) is a good album with many interesting moments, but not a  breakthrough. Also the length of the tracks makes the album a bit tiresome. 72 minutes in 6 tracks is a bit too much. But it’s the first time the band recorded an album of this kind so I guess they’re finding their way.
When it comes to the production the band is ok, but in the song crafting I found some of the arrangements a bit raw, especially in the instrumental solos field.
Pravda’s music will be enjoyed by Prog Metal fans who also like the lighter side of the subgenre.

The band was included in our Podcast #14 and you can listen the track 'A Hint Of Grey' HERE.

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