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Review: Tim Morse - Faithscience (2012)

Artist: Tim Morse
Album: Faithscience
Year: 2012
Label: Amethyst Edge Productions

 Diego Camargo


Thoughts: Tim Morse is a solo keyboardist known as the member of the Yes cover band Parallels. He is also the author of two prog related books.
And before you ask yourself, no, he has no relation with Neal Morse.
Faithscience (2012) is the musician’s second album. It’s the follow up to Transformation (2005) and it was released last year by AEP Records.

Tim spent 2 years writing and recording the album. In fact, Faithscience (2012) started off as a conceptual album about Charles Lindbergh (a pilot that managed to make the first solo crossing over the Atlantic), but in the end Tim decided to write about more topics and the concept drifted away.

Tim Morse’s music is based on the traditional Symphonic Prog, but the one born in the 90’s with bands like The Flower Kings and Spock’s Beard. In fact, his vocals remind a lot Roine Stolt, but they’re far from being a copy.

Faithscience (2012) has an impressive and extensive list of guest musicians such as David  Ragsdale (violin - Kansas), Jerry Jennings, Mark Dean and Moss Hudson (guitars), Gordon Stizzo (drums), Jim Diaz & Sean McMillin (bass), Timothy Stanley (cello) and many more.
The album is a brilliant mix of keyboard driven Prog with lots of amazing guitars moments (especially by Mark Dean) and tracks that make you think and shake your head. It’s quite amazing that Tim has been in a cover band for some time but his own music doesn’t sound like Yes at all. That’s quite a good job of him.

‘Descent’ and ‘Voyager’ open the album giving quite a great first impression. ‘Closer’ then follows and it is one of the most interesting songs, no doubt. ‘Window’ changes the pace of the album to a little acoustic piece of music, so Tim can follow with ‘Numb’ with the acoustic feeling and can also add some cello.

The middle of the album presents ‘Myth’ and ‘Found It’, the weakest tracks on Faithscience (2012). ‘Rome’ comes back to the good Tim Morse’s sound.
To conclude, we have the final trio with the amazing ‘The Last Wave’, the beautiful acoustic ballad ‘Afterworld’ and the wonderful final bit of piano and voices of ‘The Corners’.

Faithscience (2012) is one of the most interesting albums released last year! It has everything that a good prog fan would like to hear and a bit more. If you don’t know Tim Morse yet… it’s high time!

Tim Morse was included in our Podcasts #15 and you can listen the tracks 'Closer' HERE.

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