Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Podcast #20 (18/06/13)

Hello again Proggers of the World! Here I am, Diego Camargo, ready to Prog with our weekly dose of Progressive Rock in the episode of our Podcast number twenty.

Another week and another 10 great bands played in our show. Hope you like, please comment and share the episodes. Below the links commented on today's Podcast!

Links commented on this Episode:
Profile page Majestic
Review V.O.Z.
Profile page Soma White
Review Soma White

Links to other Progshine profiles:

Power Of Prog

Below you'll find the episode embedded and all the info of what was played and the links to buy the records. Enjoy!

Songs played in this episode:
- Background music: Andrew Lloyd Weber & Tim Rice - Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack (1970)
Part 1
1. Thjis Van Leer & Nuova Raccomandata Con Ricevuta Di Retorno - House Of The King / from the album The Amazing World Of Prog - Buy it here!
2. Renaissance - The Mystic & The Muse / from the album Grandine Il Vento - Buy it here!
3. A Devil's Din - Genus Novus / from the album One Day All This Will Be Yours - Buy it here!
4. Pseudo/Sentai - Photoperiodism / from the EP Nature's Imagination (Chapter 2) - Buy it here!
Part 2
5. Unreal City - Dove La Luce E' Più Intensa / from the album La Crudeltà Di Aprile - Buy it here!
6. The Avengers - Exactly / from the album On A Mission - Buy it here!
7. Rikk Eccent - It Will All Make Sense In The End / from the album The Garden Of Delights - Buy it here!
Part 3
8. Reconnaissance Fly - One Should Never / from the EP Flower Futures Futures - Free download it here!
9. Spleen Arcana - Erin Shores (Part One) / from the single Erin Shores (Part One) - Buy it here!
10. Le Porte Non Aperte - Oceano - Nel Canto Della Sirena / from the album Golem - Buy it here!


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