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Review: The Enid - Invicta (2012)

Artist: The Enid
Album: Invicta
Year: 2012
Label: Operation Seraphim

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: I’ve been reviewing the latest The Enid albums for the last month, so it was quite obvious that their latest studio album Invicta (2012) would not be left aside.
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Invicta (2012) is the second part of a trilogy that started with Journey’s End (2010) and brings the band leaded by Robert John Godfrey (keyboards) with their latest lineup that includes Max Read (guitars and vocals), Dave Storey (drums and percussion), Jason Ducker (guitars), Nic Willes (bass) and Joe Payne (vocals).

The Enid’s 13th studio album maintains the band’s tradition for narrative. The album, like I said,  is the second part in a planned trilogy. The trilogy deals with exploring the relationship between one as individual and the collective known as humanity.

‘Anthropy’ starts the album, but it’s just an intro. It’s when ‘One & The Many’ comes along that you get hooked! ‘One & The Many’ is a wonderful piece of music with over 10 minutes and built over an amazing choral of voices.
The Symphonic sound of The Enid continues intact as the track goes along and presents us ‘Who Created Me?’ with an excellent job on the vocal by Joe Payne.

‘Execution Mob’ is the next track, and apart from the very interesting vocals, the presence of this almost Reggae song on the album is inexplicable. A song completely out of context within Invicta (2012). And it’s even more visible when ‘Witch Hunt’ begins. A dark orchestral piece, full of great vocals. A very strong track!
‘Heaven’s Gate’ is an instrumental Symphonic piece, melodic and pretty, but quite weird as a continuation piece and a bit too long. It lacks a bit of rock.

Then ‘Leviticus’ comes in, continues on the same slow path, but Joe Payne vocals gave the track some character.
‘Villain Of Science’ is like a mini story being told, like a musical. It is also when rock and symphonic join together perfectly.
‘The Whispering’ closes the album with the slow Symphonic side again. Carried mainly by vocals this is a beautiful ending for Invicta (2012).

Invicta (2012) also comes in a beautiful high quality digipack in which the band appears on the cover as ancient Gods.
The album is a great piece of work where you have to listen carefully to the details and to the beauty of the work as a whole! Highly recommended for symphonic fans!

The band was included in our Podcasts #13 and #14 and you can listen the tracks 'Witch Hunt' HERE and 'Childe Roland' HERE.

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