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Review: Jorge Pescara - Knight Without Armour (2012)

Artist: Jorge Pescara
Album: Knight Without Armour
Year: 2012
Label: Voiceprint

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: Jorge Pescara it’s a Brazilian bass player that has been playing with many renowned musicians from that country such as Eumir Deodato, Luiz Bonfá, Zero, Arthur Maia, Terra D’Água and recently he has joined the band Dialeto that will release a new album in June through Moonjune Records.

8 years ago Jorge released his first solo record, Grooves In The Temple (2005), and after that he decided to revise his career and to study his instrument even more, so he went to Portugal. There, he decided to try new approaches to the bass playing. That’s how his second solo album, Knight Without Armour (2012) was born!

On the album Jorge Pescara plays the Megatar, an instrument inspired by the Chapman Stick and built by the Mobius company. The Megatar has 12 strings and has the functions of both guitar and bass at the same time. It is played with the ‘touchstyle technique’.
As he likes to claim in the booklet of the CD: “No guitar, no bass, no pick, no pluck. Only Megatar with touchstyle technique!”

Knight Without Armour (2012) was composed to be a soundtrack to a ‘non-existent’ movie and try to tell a history of a man that perceives life in a wide way. Because of that, this man feels the need of travelling and discovering himself.
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Marduc Studio, Portugal, in 2011 and released in June 2012 by Voiceprint.

Produced by the German Marc Jung, Knight Without Armour (2012) has Jorge Pescara playing the Megatar, percussion and keyboards. With him he also has the helping hands of Marc Jung (samples, loops & drums), Glauton Campello (piano, keyboards and synths) and a couple of extra musicians playing flutes, sax, bouzouk and percussions.

Knight Without Armour (2012) is an enigmatic album from beginning to end. The oriental musical influence can be heard in many tracks, especially in ‘Meteor’.
‘Net Virus’ has voice samples and it’s pretty much an electronic song with the Megatar playing an intricate rhythm pattern.

‘The Reptilian Song’ shows all the Megatar power and ‘Maya’s Pyramid – Morphing I’ is a delightful mix of oriental music with great riffs and flutes.
Closing the album we have ‘Infinitum’, which is the most Prog song on the album with a lot of synths and ‘World New’ that is more Fusion but with a nice almost pop melodies.

Besides being an instrumental album, Knight Without Armour (2012) tries to tell a history, to follow that the booklet brings, a track by track resume of what’s happening (in Portuguese).
Knight Without Armour (2012) is a great piece of music that walks the Jazz Fusion/World Music path that can be heard as a relaxing and introspective album. Recommended!

Jorge Pescara was included in our Podcast #17and you can listen the tracks 'Infinitum' HERE.

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