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News: Abel Ganz Is Preparing A New Album For The End Of The Year

Abel Ganz and the updates of their new album.

Scottish band Abel Ganz is preparing a new album, follow up of Shooting Albatross (2008) to the end of the year.

The band sent a newsletter to his fans where they stated many things, including: "We have been putting together our latest album for some time now and although there’s still a bit to do with regards finishing touches, we are sure you’ll agree it was worth the wait.  We at Ganz HQ are particularly proud of this one as this will be the first full album with the steady line up of the last 4 years.  So, we’re incredibly keen for you to hear what we’ve been up to!"

The band continues, explainning why it took them so long to record a new album: "This has been a difficult album for us.  When we started pulling material together we were absolutely determined not to repeat what we have done before - whilst still retaining that Ganz individuality of course.  I guess the key word here is prog - meaning in this sense ‘progress’.  We really wanted to challenge our own conceptions (and our audience's preconceptions) of what an Abel Ganz album should and could sound like.  Over the last four years there were a great, great many things that were tried out.  Some made it to the album; others only as far as the metaphorical bin.  Fortunately for us, Prog fans are noted for their willingness to accept change and embrace new ideas.  After all, surely that’s part of the essence of Prog – approaching music with open minds.  We will welcome you all on board."

On the new album, simply called Abel Ganz (2013), the band also invited a series of guests: Fiona Cuthill and Stevie Lawrence (of the folk band Rallion), Malcolm Jones (Runrig), Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention), Iain Sloan (The Wynntown Marshalls), Ed Higgins, Tom McNiven, David Carlton, Stephen Lightbody and also many different instruments will be heard as low whistles, 12 string acoustics, dobro guitars, recorders, bouzoukis and more.
According to the band they want to sound a bit more Celtic and a bit more Scottish. And for that reason on this album the Scottish Gaelic language makes an appearance.

This will be the first Abel Ganz album without the two founding member of the band, Hugh Carter and Hew Montgomery.
The album will be out towards the end of 2013 and the band is promissing a new website with all the info of the pre-orders.

More info coming soon.

Source: Press release

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