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News: Apocalypse Releases New DVD, The Bridge Of Light

Apocalypse releases DVD from concert recorded in 2008.

The Brazilian band Apocalypse just released a new DVD. The Bridge Of Light (2013) is actually the concert that gave life to their 2008 album.

The Bridge Of Light (2008) was in fact a concert, recorded in UCS Theater in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2008. ON this concert the band presented to the audience their new album, and released it as CD in the same year.

The band had plans to release it as a DVD at the same time, but that wasn't possible. After that the band released their The 25th Anniversary Box Set (2011) in which their new album 2012 Light Years From Home (2011) was inserted.

The Bridge Of Light DVD (2013) was released by the French Label Musea and you can order your copy HERE.

Act I
1. Next Revelation
2. Dreamer
3. Ocean Soul
4. Last Paradise
Part I – The World Behind / Part II – The Mourning
5. The Dance Of Down
6. Meet Me
Act II - The Bridge Of Light
7. Wake Up Call
8. … To Madeleine
9. Escape
10. Welcome Outside!
11. Meeting Mr. EarthCrubbs
12. Follow The Bridge
13. Not Like You
- Making of
- Photo Gallery
- Welcome Outside (Videoclip)

Source: Press release

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