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News: Darryl Way (Curved Air) Releases First Solo Album In 20 Years

Curved Air Legend Violinist Darryl Way Releases First Solo Album In 20 Years!

Curved Air founding member and violinist Darryl Way is releasing his first solo album in 20 years! Now available on Explore Multimedia, via Cherry Red Records, Ultra Violins (2013) features Darryl's own interpretations of several well-known classical pieces, as well as a re-recording of Curved Air's classic hit 'Vivaldi'.
Says Darryl, “The motivating force behind creating Ultra Violins (2013) was to introduce some new material for solo violin that came from the vocal repertoire and the world of orchestral music, rather than music specifically for solo violin.”

Originally formed in 1969, Curved Air was a groundbreaking progressive art-rock band renowned for their showmanship. Each member pushed the boundaries of possibilities for rock music performance.
After Curved Air Darryl went on to release several critically acclaimed solo albums in both 'rock' and 'classical' genres. Among these, was his 'Concerto For Electric Violin', which was premiered on the South Bank Show with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and himself as soloist.

Of the the new version of 'Vivaldi' included on the album, says Darryl, “It is a piece in two halves, as was the original Curved Air show stopper. The first half has been arranged in typically baroque style, or in the style of Vivaldi himself if you like. After a short transition passage the piece arrives in the 20th century, as the introductory melody is now played on electric violin, emulating an electric guitar, with bends and slides. This leads into the main section of the piece which is now played on electric violin put through a distortion unit, with heavy guitar chords as an accompaniment, along with counter melodies also played on electric violin. This section sets out to capture the excitement of the original, which always left the audience wanting for more at the end of a Curved Air set.”

1. Scheherezade, The Sea and Sinbad's Ship
2. Polovtsian Dances
3. Danse Macabre
4. Panis Angelicus
5. Pie Jesu
6. Scheherezade, The Young Prince and Princess
7. Farandole
8. Tarantelle
9. Vivaldi

You can buy your CD HERE or in digital formats HERE.

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