Friday, July 12, 2013


News: Jon Anderson Is Planning Olias Of Sunhillow Sequel

Jon Anderson is working on a new album.

Jon Anderson (ex-Yes) is right now working on his new album. In fact, it's not just an album, it is an audio-visual online concept album.

The page of the project call it: "A journey filled with music, stories and visuals. A true library of information about worlds of Zamran - the son of Olias Of Sunhillow.

The new work-in-progress is entitled Zamran Experience (2013) and there's no release date yet.

Jon Anderson describes it as: “Ancient history is not known in our everyday thinking. Yet at the back of our consciousness, we seem to remember events and structure and dreams and music. It’s as if we are meant to know and remember and rejoice”.

For this project, Anderson has been working through internet with people from all over the world. “I have written with a lot of musicians through the internet. It is a slow process”.

A 3 minute clip called 'Sing To Me', taken from the new project can be seen below:

You can subscribe for updates and have the future information on THIS PAGE.

On top of this Jon also is ready for a tour in August with 4 dates:
August 04, 2013 - Royal Exchange Theatre - Manchester, UK
August 10, 2013 - Under The Bridge - London, UK
August 12, 2013 - Savoy-teatteri - Helsinki, Finland
August 15, 2013 - Taubescenen - Gothenburg, Sweden

Info about dates and tickets HERE.

Source: Press release

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