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Podcast #22 (16/07/13)

Hello again Proggers of the World! Here I am, Diego Camargo, ready to Prog with our weekly dose of Progressive Rock in the episode of our Podcast number twenty two.

Another week and another 10 great bands played in our show. Hope you like, please comment and share the episodes. Below the links commented on today's Podcast!

Links commented on this Episode:
Profile page Pax Romana
Review Let All Men Know - This Is Sacred Ground
Profile page Museo Rosenbach
Review Barbarica
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Review Truths, Lies & Half Lies
Profile page Deventter
Review Empty Set
Profile page Periferia Del Mondo
Review Nel Regno Del Ciechi
Profile page Rikk Eccent
Review The Garden Of Delights
Profile page Flash
Review Flash Featuring Ray Bennett & Ray Carter
Profile page Willowglass
Review The Dream Harbour
- Podcast Special #5 (Symphonic Prog)

Links to other Progshine profiles:


Below you'll find the episode embedded and all the info of what was played and the links to buy the records. Enjoy!

Songs played in this episode:
- Background music: Frank Zappa - Big Swift / from the album Waka/Jawaka (1972)
Part 1
1. La Coscienza Di Zeno - La Città Di Dite / from the album Sensitività - Buy it here!
2. 3RDegree - Televised / from the album The Long Division - Buy it here!
3. Active Heed - If I Will Never Be / from the album Visions From Realities - Buy it here!
Part 2
4. KingBathmat - Sentinel / from the album Overcoming The Monster - Buy it here!
5. Kolt - Staying Still / from the album Drowing Hopes - Buy it here!
6. The Twenty Committee - The Knowledge Enterprise-With These Eyes / from the album A Lifeblood Psalm - Buy it here!
Part 3
7. Karda Estra - On Those Cloudy Days / from the album Mondo Profondo - Buy it here!
8. TEE - Stromboli / from the album Trans-Europe Expression - Buy it here!
9. The Tangent - Evening TV (Radio Edit) / from the album Le Sacre Du Travail - Buy it here!
10. Not A Good Sign - Coming Back Home / from the album Not A Good Sign - Buy it here!


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