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News: Magenta Releases New Album, The Twenty Seven Club, In September

Magenta announces detail on their new album The Twenty Seven Club.

Magenta is about to release their new album, The Twenty Seven Club (2013) in September 2nd.

“The new album has been five years in the making and I have tried to take the best elements of all the previous Magenta albums to craft the best collection of songs I could and I think this has been achieved and is a return to our progressive rock roots” says Rob. “Only a few people have heard the album thus far but all have agreed that this is the best Magenta album to date”.

The Twenty Seven Club (2013) refers to a large group of musician/singers (including Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain) who have all died at the age of 27, many of whom died from alcohol or drug abuse.

“Writing the lyrics for this album was very challenging,” explains Steve Reed. “It was quite difficult making each song stand alone, but I’m really proud of the results and happy with how the songs have turned out”.

Joining Rob, Chris and Christina on this occasion is drummer Andy Edwards. “For the last few years I have been very keen to work with Andy. I was a huge fan of his playing when he was with IQ and Frost*” adds Rob, “so when our schedules aligned, we went into the studio and the results were amazing. Andy was really enthusiastic about the album and his playing certainly reflects this”

The Twenty Seven Club (2013) will be released in CD, LP and Digital formats.

Watch a trailer of the album below:

You can pre-order your copy RIGHT HERE.

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