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News: Magellan Reveal New Track 'The Better Suite'

Magellan reveals one more track featuring Chicago's Keith Howland.

Magellan keep releasing singles instead of working on a full-length album. Trent Gardner, the main man behind Magellan released one more song called 'The Better Suite'.

Keith Howland from the band Chicago is featured on the new Magellan track. Keith shows off his versatility and pyrotechnics, so familiar to anyone who has seen him live with Chicago.

The tune is a 5 part Prog excursion,  clocking in at 8:32. It actually features another member of Chicago, with a beautiful "cameo" piccolo trumpet solo, performed by Lee Loughnane.  Robert Berry (GTR, 3, ELP, Alliance) also provides some bass/r.gtr work.

Besides streaming the track for free, the band also has an option of download a copy from the Magellan site and choose between different hi-quality audio formats. It will also be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and eMusic beginning August 26, 2013.

Listen it:

The Better Suite has 5 parts (as you can see below) and the lyrics and artwork can be downloaded HERE.

'The Better Suite'
I. One More Day (intro -2:50)
II. It Ain't Nothin' (2:51-4:37)
III. Humbled (4:38 - 5:43)
IV. Much Better (5:44 - 6:54)
V. Goin' Home (6:55 - 8:32)

You can buy the song RIGHT HERE.

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