Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Podcast #24 (13/08/13)

Hello again Proggers of the World! Here I am, Diego Camargo, ready to Prog with our hour of Progressive Rock in the episode of our Podcast number twenty four.

Another week and another 10 great bands played in our show. Hope you like, please comment and share the episodes. Below the links commented on today's Podcast!

Links commented on this Episode:
Flaud Logic
Antonius Rex
Ebony Tower
A Devil's Din

Review Flaud Logic (Flaud Logic)
Review Hystero Demonopathy (Antonius Rex)
Review In Sudden Walks (Aisles)
Review The Magic Box Pt 1 (Ebony Tower)
Review One Day All This Will Be Yours (A Devil's Din)

List & News:
One Siders - Part II

Links to other Progshine profiles:



Below you'll find the episode embedded and all the info of what was played and the links to buy the records. Enjoy!

Songs played in this episode:
- Background music: Transatlantic - The Whirwind / from the album The Whirlwind (2009) - Buy it here!
Part 1
1. Pseudo/Sentai - Naught Shore / from the album There's Always A Fucking Problem - Buy it here!
2. The Safety Fire - Reed Hatchet / from the album Mouth Of Swords - Buy it here!
3. Arlon - Can I / from the album On The Edge - Buy it here!
Part 2
4. Daymoon - Twisting The Fabric / from the album Fabric Of Space Divine - Buy it here!
5. Mike Kershaw - Into The Sun / from the album This Long Night - Buy it here!
6. Voyag3r - Hunted Becomes Hunter / from the single Victory In The Battle Chamber - Buy it here!
7. Sons Of Hippies - Animal Battle / from the album Griffons At The Gates Of Heaven - Buy it here!
Part 3
8. Vultress - I-A Chord From Heaven / from the album Distance - Buy it here!
9. Maschine - The Fallen (Radio Edit) / from the album Rubidium - Buy it here!
10. Alec K. Redfearn And The Eyesores - Hashishin / from the album Sister Death - Buy it here!


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