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Review: Ebony Tower - The Magic Box Pt 1 EP (2012)

Artist: Ebony Tower
Album: The Magic Box Pt 1 (EP)
Year: 2012
Label: Self released

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: EPs have always intrigued me. They do so cause I cannot see the reason why a band releases an EP. I know, I know, sometimes bands release EPs because they have no money (or no time) to do a full length album. If it is a big label it can be used to make some easy cash too. Or maybe it is to experiment with a new kind of sound the band wants to try.
Usually independent bands release EPs to make it easier for the audience. But for me, as a listener and as a music buyer it’s a nonsense release. You pay just a bit less for an album that has 4/5 songs and runs 20 minutes long.

In Ebony Tower's case it seems to be many things together. They have two different lineups in their latest EP The Magic Box Pt 1 (2012). They also are experimenting with two different kinds of sounds.

The Magic Box Pt 1 (2012) has 4 songs and it’s pretty much divided into two different sets of two songs each.
As I said we have two different lineups in In the The Magic Box Pt 1 (2012). The overall lineup is: Wilson Mcqueen (guitars), Zanda King (vocals), Skye Sheridan (violins) and Spencer Cozen (keyboards).
In the first two tracks ‘The Passing’ and ‘The Labyrinth’ Ebony Tower has Dominic Greensmith (drums) and Joe Allen (bass).
In these first two songs their sound is more Prog. In ‘The Passing’ you have tribal rhythms and very interesting guitars. In ‘The Labyrinth’ you have a bit of Half Past Four influence (especially when it comes to the different way of singing) and there are great heavy guitars in the second half of the song with a great ending.
Both songs comes sprinkled with one thing that make the Ebony Tower different: violins.

The second set of songs has a completely different approach. They go in a Power Pop/Alternative Rock direction, where the main goals are the melodies.
In this second part we have Martin Stewart (drums) and Chris Hanby (bass) in the lineup and they’re much more tight.
‘LSD’ starts as a Pop song, very regular, nothing really special, but has great double vocals throughout the song.
‘The Mirror’ reminded me of The Black Crowes. A bit more soul in it. The last bit of the song is great.

I like the good Pop Rock so I pretty much liked the last two songs, especially ‘The Mirror’, but the band really needs to set a goal for their music. The Magic Box Pt 1 (2012) feels weird having two completely different kinds of music on it. In general, I would go with the Pop sound but fill it with violins.

Interesting EP, all in all, let’s wait for the Part two.

The band was included in our Podcast #21 and you can listen the track 'The Passing' HERE.

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