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News: Ayreon's New Album Theory Of Everything Has Details Revealed

Arjen Lucassen reveal details on new Ayreon's album.

For the past couple of weeks, Arjen Lucassen has been slowly revealing details of the forthcoming Ayreon album The Theory Of Everything (2013). Now it can be announced the album will be released on the 28th October 2013, and a full track-listing and details of the special guests can be found below. Arjen had this to say about the album:

Says Arjen about his new album: "With four long epics of more than 20 minutes and loads of instrumental passages, this is probably my most proggy release so far. I’m extremely proud of the eclectic list of guest musicians spanning several decades; many dreams have come true this time. There’s also a completely new story line to delve into, a drama exploring the complicated world of science and human emotions. My advice? Sit back, relax, headphones on, and let this album take you on a musical adventure!"

Disc 1

1. Prologue: The Blackboard
2. The Theory of Everything part 1
3. Patterns
4. The Prodigy’s World
5. The Teacher’s Discovery
6. Love and Envy
7. Progressive Waves
8. The Gift
9. The Eleventh Dimension
10. Inertia
11. The Theory of Everything part 2
12 The Consultation
13 Diagnosis
14 The Argument 1
15The Rival’s Dilemma
16 Surface Tension
17A Reason To Live
18 Potential
19 Quantum Chaos
20 Dark Medicine
21 Alive!
22 The Prediction
Disc 2
1 Fluctuations
2 Transformation
3 Collision
4 Side Effects
5 Frequency Modulation
6 Magnetism
7 Quid Pro Quo
8 String Theory
9 Fortune?
10 Mirror Of Dreams
11 The Lighthouse
12 The Argument 2
13 The Parting
14 The Visitation
15 The Breakthrough
16 The Note
17 The Uncertainty Principle
18 Dark Energy
19 The Theory of Everything part 3
20 The Blackboard (reprise)

The impressive list of guests in The Theory Of Everything (2013) is huge:
Vocalists (in order of appearance):
JB as The Teacher
Sara Squadrani as The Girl
Michael Mills as The Father
Cristina Scabbia as The Mother
Tommy Karevik as The Prodigy
Marko Hietala as The Rival
John Wetton as The Psychiatrist
Ed Warby –drums
Rick Wakeman – keyboards
Keith Emerson – keyboards
Jordan Rudess – keyboards
Steve Hackett – lead guitar
Troy Donockley – Uilleann pipes and low flute
Arjen Anthony Lucassen –electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, mandolin and keyboards.
(Ben Mathot –violins, Maaike Peterse –cellos, Jeroen Goossens – flute , bass flute, piccolo, bamboo flute and contrabass flute, Siddharta Barnhoorn – orchestrations, Michael Mills – Irish Bouzouki)

There's a series of videos that shows snipets from the album, watch them below:

Source: Press release

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