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News: Beardfish Announce European Tour With Special Providence In October

Beardfish goes on tour in October with Special Providence.

Last year Swedish progressive rockers Beardfish released their latest album The Void (2012) on InsideOutMusic, and since then the band have been touring with the likes of Flying Colours, Spock’s Beard and Sound Of Contact in support of it. Now they have announced a run of European dates with their friends Special Providence, and singer Rikard Sjöblom had this to say about how it came about:

"We met Special Providence under pretty special circumstances: on an connection bus going from one airport to another in Paris, France. We didn’t know each other and nobody really said anything until it was clear we were going to the same place: French Guyana in South America! Both bands had been asked to play on the premiere edition of the Crescendo festival in this remote location where prog rock was virtually non-existent! The festival went great and we talked about maybe doing something together later on and here we are now, it’s 2013 and we’re gonna do a shared headline tour with Beardfish and Special Providence, it’s gonna be great! Especially great since we’ll be able to stretch our set out and play 90 minutes per evening, something both we and our fans have been longing for us to do for the past couple of tours where we’ve supported other bands. We’ve been working on new material now and we’re just really excited about maybe trying some of the new stuff out live, along with a bunch of Beardfish classics of course!"

The dates are as follows:
17.10.13 –A38, Budapest, Hungary
18.10.13 – Melodka, Brno, Czech Republic
19.10.13 – Barrak, Ostrava, Czech Republic
20.10.13 – Theater Ensemble, Wurzburg, Germany
21.10.13 – Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany
22.10.13 – Stengade, Copenhagen, Denmark
23.10.13 – Das Rind, Russelheim, Germany
24.10.13 – Flutterfabrik, Aarau, Switzerland
25.10.13 – Lakei Helmond, Helmond, Holland

More info about the dates and tickets visit their website HERE.

The band's last album The Void (2012) can be purchased RIGHT HERE.

Source: Press release

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