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News: Big Big Train Reveals English Electric: Full Power And Make Some Noise EP

Big Big Train reveals details on double album + EP.

Big Big Train's forthcoming releases were revealed by the band in their website on Monday.

On the 23rd September, English Electric: Full Power (2013) will be released. This is a 2 CD double-album version of English Electric including all of the songs from Parts One and Parts Two and four new tracks. The album is packaged in a casebound digibook with a 96 page booklet telling the stories behind the songs and the making of English Electric.

Alongside English Electric: Full Power (2013) the band are releasing the Make Some Noise EP (2013). This release features the four new tracks and will be sold at a low price as a CD and download purchase to enable listeners who already own Parts One and Two to complete the English Electric set without having to purchase English Electric: Full Power (2013). A high-resolution PDF of the 96 page will be provided as a free extra for download purchasers of Make Some Noise EP (2013).

Also released on 23rd September is English Electric Part Two (2013) on vinyl. This double album release also includes the four new songs. The double album is available for pre-order from Plane Groovy through THIS LINK.

English Electric: Full Power (2013) is available for pre-order on Burning Shed. Burning Shed orders will be shipped on the 7th October as they are offering signed copies and the band needs to have time to sign the CD's (signed copies are limited to 250 orders). You can order yours HERE.

English Electric: Full Power (2013) and Make Some Noise EP (2013) will be on sale from the Big Big Train website from the 19th September and will be shipped beginning the week of 23rd September. Downloads from Bandcamp, iTunes etc will be on sale on the 23rd September.

Disc One: 
1. Make Some Noise (4.22)
2. The First Rebreather (8.31)
3. Uncle Jack (3.49)
4. Swan Hunter (6.20)
5. Seen Better Days (7.37)
6. Edgelands (1.26)
7. Summoned By Bells (9.16)
8. Upton Heath (5.39)
9. A Boy in Darkness (8.03)
10. Hedgerow (8.54)

Disc Two: 
1. Judas Unrepentant (7.17)
2. Worked Out (7.30)
3. Winchester From St Giles' Hill (7.17)
4. The Lovers (5.32)
5. Leopards (3.54)
6. Keeper of Abbeys (6.59)
7. The Permanent Way (8.16)
8. East Coast Racer (15.44)
9. Curator of Butterflies (8.45)

Source: Press release

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