Tuesday, September 24, 2013


News: Blue Mammoth Prepares New Album

The second band's album is almost ready.

The Brazilian band Blue Mammoth is preparing their scond album. After the well received debut album Blue Mammoth (2011) the band got some news for the fans.

This is the official statement the band gave: "A new album with 10 tracks and two suites among them is being recorded right now. With a little bit more of long tracks than in the first record, this second album was arranged and produced by the band during the year of 2012 and the recording sessions have begun on the first semester of 2013 with drum sessions. Thiago gave the best and it was a great start. The new songs are really awesome and we hope to present it to the public very soon. If you enjoyed our debut you will surely love this one!"

As a side update the band also have now a Bandcamp page where you can buy their first album (only $5) and listen it for free:

There's no official date for the release yet, but we can expect it to be in the beginning of 2014. More info about the album soon.

Source: Press release

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