Wednesday, September 04, 2013


News: Deventter's New Video 'No... Deal'

Brazilian band Deventter release new video for 'No... Deal'.

Brazilian Progressive band Deventter released their third album Empty Set (2013) in April and the second single of the album is now online, the track is called 'No... Deal'.

The band formed by Felipe Schaffer (vocals), Caio Teixeira (drums), Danilo Pilla (guitars), Leonardo Milani (bass) and Hugo Bertolaccini (keyboards) is now touring with the songs of the new album.

Check the video below:

The video was produced by the company Mó Documental.

Deventter's new album Empty Set (2013) was already reviewed here on Progshine, check it out HERE.

And don't forget that you can free download the album on the band's website RIGHT HERE.

Source: Press release

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