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News: Solstice Coil Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Record New Album

Israel band Solstice Coil starts a IndieGoGo campaign.

Solstice Coil, Israel’s first alt-prog-rock band formed on the web, has officially launched a crowdfunding campaign to finance the band’s upcoming third album on Indiegogo.

After self-producing and self-financing the successful debut A Prescription For Paper Cuts (2005) and its follow-up Natural Causes (2011), Solstice Coil is joining the latest trend in the industry and turning to its fans for help in financing the creation of the band’s new album.

Fans who choose to pledge for the album will receive a variety of unique rewards including special credit on the album, stickers, an exclusive remixed version of A Prescription For Paper Cuts (2005), and more.

The more creative fans will even get the chance to partake in the actual album by recording vocals for one of the songs, and even sending in their own lyrics for Solstice Coil to compose and record.

The campaign features a humoristic video much akin to the band’s 2011 Dream Theater Parody, which scored Solstice Coil some major internet points. The Indiegogo video includes some very surprising guests.

The first 100 people to pledge and preorder the album will receive a significant discount. This fundraiser has a fixed goal of 6,000, which means it’s all or nothing - so if you’re a Solstice Coil fan don’t wait and pledge now!

To see what are the prizes and pledge go HERE.

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