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Review: Daymoon - Fabric Of Space Divine (2013)

Artist: Daymoon
Album: Fabric Of Space Divine
Year: 2013
Label: MALS

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: Last week I reviewed the first proper album by Daymoon, All Tomorrows (2011) (read it HERE), and I found the band quite interesting, but the album was lacking some unity. So it’s high time to review their most recent album Fabric Of Space Divine (2013).

Fabric Of Space Divine (2013) is a concept and intricate album about Evolution, the Space evolution, and consequently human evolution. The album, was released by the Russian label MALS earlier this year, but had been written and recorded since 2000.

Fabric Of Space Divine (2013) is divided into 3 parts and 16 tracks. The album begins with the first part called ‘Complexity’ that’s divided into 3 songs: ‘Singularity To Sol’, ‘Seed Of Complexity’ and ‘Evolution’.
This beginning is the base of the album and explains how the Universe began and evolved in its prime days.

Once again Daymoon has a great booklet with thousands of information that enables you to follow the songs and every step of the story.

The second part ‘Explanations’ comes with the challenge of elaborating on the human being evolution and its beliefs (especially religions).
This second part is divided into 5 more tracks: ‘Beyond Nature’, ‘Beyond Trinity’, ‘Anthropocentrics’, ‘Beyond Multiplicity’ and ‘Beyond Good And Evil’.

Fabric Of Space Divine (2013) took 12 years to be finished and what should be impossible was achieved, the album has unity! Their previous album All Tomorrows (2011) looked a bit as a patchwork, Fabric Of Space Divine (2013) is more concise and complete.

The third and last part is called ‘Expansion’ and it includes 8 tracks: ‘Middle’, ‘Ice Prospector’, ‘Digital’, ‘Beyond’, ‘Grasping The Fabric’, ‘Twisting The Fabric’, ‘Beyond Zero Kelvin’ and ‘One’.
In this last bit of the album the science fiction begins. As Fred Lessing said himself in the booklet: “much of it, if not all, will prove to be humbug eventually”. Or not!

In terms of concept Fabric Of Space Divine (2013) is one of the most interesting albums I’ve seen in years. It’s complex, structured, full of good ideas and well written.
When it comes to the music the album has everything you could imagine. From acoustic ballads to Gentle Giant influence, passing through Arab music and a bit of electronic too.
But because the album was recorded through a spam of long 12 years you can obviously spot some ‘older sounds’ in some songs, but that doesn’t make the album go down, not a single bit.

Fred Lessing was able to conceive one of the most interesting and complex albums of the year. And he’s also becoming one of the more interesting musicians on the Prog scene.

Sit back, headphones on, booklet in your hands and just embark on this great adventure through time and space, literally, with Daymoon!

The band was included in our Podcast #24 and you can listen the track 'Twisting The Fabric' HERE.

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