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Review: Steve Hillage - Live In England 1979 (2013)

Artist: Steve Hillage
Album: Live In England 1979
Year: 2013
Label: Gonzo Multimedia

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: Steve Hillage is a well-known guitar player from the 70’s. Despite the fact that nowadays he’s doing Electronic Music under the System 7 name, throughout the 70’s he was considered a guitar innovator and was associated with the Canterbury Scene.
Steve Hillage was the member of bands like Gong (which he recorded 3 albums with) and Khan. He also started his solo career in 1975 before his departure.

Live in England 1979 (2013) is a package recently released by Gonzo Multimedia that will be for sure a delight for fans. It contains 1 CD and 1 DVD of Steve Hillage’s performance at The University Of Kent on 28th February 1979.
Like I said, Live In England 1979 (2013) is mainly a piece for fans and collectors.

On the CD we have 6 tracks recorded in the aforementioned University, and two more recorded in 1977 (probably in Germany) on the tour of his album L (1976).
Tough the performance of the 1979 show is absolutely great, it feels that the album is a bit of a patchwork with many bits here and there gathered together to have something extra on the package.
But if you forget that and focus on Steve’s band, you’ll see his best band’s line up with Steve Hillage (vocals and guitars), Miquette Giraudy (vocals and synths), Dave Stewart (guitars), John McKenzie (bass) and Andy Anderson (drums). This is the same line up that recorded his Live Herald (1978) album and also tracks recorded to his album Open (1979).

The highlights on Live In England 1979 (2013) CD are ‘Salmon Song’, ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’ and an interesting version of The Beatles ‘It’s All Too Much’. To complete the album you still have ‘Unzipping The Zype’, the punk ‘1988 Activator’, ‘Unidentified (Flying Being)’ and the 77 concert bonus material with ‘Hurdy Gurdy Glissando’ and ‘Electrick Gypsies’.

But it’s on the DVD that we have the most shinning treasures of Live In England 1979 (2013). The DVD disc has the full 1979 concert plus two short promo videos for the songs ‘Radio’ and ‘Light In The Sky’ that were released on his album Motivation Radio (1977) and a 2006 in-depth interview with Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy.

Basically, if you’re a Steve Hillage fan this package that Gonzo Multimedia has put together is just essential for you.
If you’re not a fan, it would be interesting for starting with his music and to see a great band live.

The band was included in our Podcast #23 and you can listen the track 'Salmon Song' HERE.

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