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News: Caravan Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Release New Studio Album

Canterbury band Caravan Launches in the Crowdfunding wagon with sucess!

Caravan, Proggers all around the world know this name and their music! The band is now on Pledge Music with a new crowdfunding campaign to record their awaited new studio album.

This will be the first studio album of the band in 10 years!

According to official statement by the band's leader Pye Hasting: "I have been looking for a way of doing this for some time and have discovered a truly inspired and groundbreaking way of achieving this without the involvement of Record companies.
Music is important to us all not least because it helps to bring back memories. Well now is your chance to join us in the studio or be our guest at gigs, and make this a truly memorable experience.
I, more than anyone, appreciate how loyal you Caravan fans have been over the last 40 years and would like to say THANKS in advance for your continued friendship and support. We are up and running!!!!!"

There's still 26 days for you to pledge and choose what kind of rewards you want. The campaign is very succesful so far and in only 3 weeks achieved their initial goal. Right now they have 132% of their campaign achieved, which means that 32% is extra money to help them to do extra material for the album, like Bonus tracks and etc.

There are plenty of options for you to choose such as signed CDs of the new album, signed Vinyl, T-shirts, LIVE recordings of the back catalogue, the opportunity to visit the studio, a special Album Launch gig later this year, PLUS get your hands on Pye Hastings’ very own Stratocaster which he used to write the songs.
But harry cause many options are already gone!
Check the rewards on their Pledge Music page RIGHT HERE.

The new album will be called Paradise Filter (2014) and will be released in the first semester of next year.

The band released a preview of the album with a track called 'This Is What We Are' that can be listened HERE.

Source: Band's official website

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