Thursday, November 14, 2013


News: hAND - Behind The Scenes Of Their New Album, Kintsugi

hAND takes us for a walk behind the scenes on their new studio album.


UK Prog band hAND give us a glimpse into the recording process of Kintsugi (2014), the bands third studio album, via their studio diary below.

The band spent almost a month at Seriously Heavy Studios in Wales during October this year. Producing the new album was Nick Hemingway, with whom the band has worked with on both their previous albums.

Nick wrote on the the bands Facebook page during the session “hAND fans should be very excited right now....I think we have captured a real intimacy on this album, far more so than we did on the last two.... I realise I might be biased, but I genuinely think this record will leave people breathless.”

Kintsugi (2014) is due for release in the early part of 2014 through Brutal Elite Records; the exact date is still to be announced.

Source: Press release

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