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News: Imagery Release Debut CD ‘The Inner Journey’ Worldwide

Brazilian Prog Ensemble Imagery Release Debut CD ‘The Inner Journey’.

From the earliest days of human thought, the theme of Duality has been widely debated among philosophers, scientists and spiritual seekers. The ambiguity of the concept still serves as inspiration for endless artistic musings about love and hate, life and death, happiness and sadness. The Brazilian progressive rock/metal band Imagery follows these endless seas of intellectual thought to trace their musical identity, personified by the debut album, The Inner Journey (2012) released in the U.S. by powerhouse metal label Deadline Music.

Formed in 2008 by Joceir Bertoni (vocal/guitar), Ricardo Fanucchi (bass) and Luciano Neves (drums), Imagery was born from the ashes of the bands G.A.F. and Revolt, two groups from the city of Londrina, Parana state. From its inception, Imagery had a dual character, combining classic prog rock and metal. The uniting of these two disparate genres was no easy feat. After all, if progressive rock is emotional, heavy metal is visceral; if prog rock is technique, heavy metal is attitude; if prog rock is sensibility, heavy metal is aggressiveness.

And it was in transmuting these opposites – sometimes conflicting, sometimes complementary – that Imagery came upon their unique sound. Recorded at PlayRecPause Studios in Londrina under the experienced production talent of Julio Anizelli (Mamaquilla, Terra Celta, Lixo Extraordinário), The Inner Journey (2012) brings eight tracks that not only extol the technical ability of the musicians, but, above all, the quality of the band’s compositions.

The Inner Journey (2012) was originally released in 2012 only in Brazil and now the album sees its worldwide release. The pre-release party of The Inner Journey (2012) happened during a historical gig in March of 2012 at Pedreira do Icatu in Votorantim, São Paulo state, aside the worldwide progressive legend, FOCUS. More than 3 thousand people attended the event, making it one of the biggest shows of the band’s career – up there with the “Prog Union Tour” that Imagery did in 2009 with the veteran progressive band Apocalypse.

1. Fourth Secret
2. Imagery
3. Perception
4. Start The War
5. The Rain
6. Show Me
7. Stranger
8. Last

You can order your copy RIGHT HERE.

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