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Podcast #32 (02/12/13)

Hello again Proggers of the World! Here I am, Diego Camargo, ready to Prog with our hour of Progressive Rock in the episode of our Podcast number thirty two.

Another week and another 10 great bands played in our show. Hope you like, please comment and share the episodes. Below the links commented on today's Podcast!

Links commented on this Episode:
Dreams In The Witch House
The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats
Gran Torino
Jonas Lindberg
Echoes Of Giants
Il Tempio Delle Clessidre

Review A Lovecraftian Rock Opera (Dreams In The Witch House)
Review Poplar Music (Dynamo Bliss)
Review Vaaya And The Sea (The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats)
Review Fate Of A Thousand Worlds (Gran Torino)
Review The Other Side (Jonas Lindberg)
Review Spirit (Legend)
Review At The End Of Myself (Giants Of Echoes)
Review AlieNatura (Il Tempio Delle Clessidre)

Listen, News & Others:
Best 2013 Albums Survey (Update 3)
LISTEN (Dynamo Bliss)
Prog Rock Year By Year: 1968

Links to other Progshine profiles:



Below you'll find the episode embedded and all the info of what was played and the links to buy the records. Enjoy!


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Songs played in this episode:
- Background music: Caravan - Nine Feet Underground / from the album In The Land Of Grey And Pink (1972) - Buy it here!
Part 1
1. The Flower Kings - Tower One / from the album Desolation Rose - Buy it here!
2. PBII - Lorian / from the album 1000 Wishes - Buy it here!
3. Daemonia - Zombi / from the album Zombi Of The Dawn Dead - Buy it here!
4. Padre - I Have Been Blind / from the album From Faraway Island - Buy it here!
Part 2
5. Tucana - The Signs / from the album Tucana - Buy it here!
6. Tungsten - El Dolor / from the album The Reservoir - Buy it here!
7. Sophya Baccini's Aradia - Au Matin Du Premier Jour / from the album Big Red Dragon - Buy it here!
Part 3
8. Mario Cottarelli - L'Occhio Del Ciclone / from the album Una Strana Commedia - Buy it here!
9. Tumbletown - Won't Look Back / from the album Done With Coldness - Buy it here!
10. Regal Worm - Apple Witch / from the album Use And Ornament - Buy it here!


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