Monday, December 16, 2013


Progshine: 1st Year

It’s been one year already since our first post in this new address and new format (HERE)!
Progshine in fact exists since 2005, since 2008 it was a Prog Rock website in Portuguese and now the definitive version of it is online for 1 whole year!

It was quite a trip and I would like to share the joy that it is doing Progshine and show you all some really important numbers.

In this 12 months that we’ve been online we had:

- 400 posts
- 37 Podcasts
- Over 300 different bands played on the Podcasts
- 2.080 download of our Podcasts episodes
- 120 reviews
- 111 profile pages
- 189.221 visitors
- 12 articles and lists
- 5 interviews
- 2 new collaborators
- 622 followers on Facebook
- 649 followers on Twitter
- Over 100 news updates
- 170 cds sent for review and over 200 mp3 files to be played on the Podcasts

And one great moment was also born today, the first Progshine compilation with 25 different bands from all over the world and all for free!

I just want to thank you all for following the website, for commenting, for sharing and liking links in Facebook and on Twitter and wanna also thanks all the bands and labels that trusted us. That’s very important to us.

We hope that more and more years will come so we can continue with Progshine’s main goal: Spreading music all over the world :)

You have one year to research in our website, so feel free to click on any of our links in our top bar and enjoy!

As part of our celebration we have a fine compilation for you to download FOR FREE. Check it HERE.


Diego Camargo
Progshine's Editor, owner and daydreamer

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