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10 Modern Prog Classics - Part I

By Diego Camargo
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It’s a commonly known fact that there are many people out there that consider the 70’s the classic period of Prog and everything else is not equally good. I know, it’s not everybody. But yeah, there are such people too.

But there’s also a part of new listeners that start with the classics but are curious enough to go beyond them and they try to find more interesting bands. Count me to this category of people!

So I thought that a series of list with ‘modern’ Prog tracks would be a very good idea! Well, when I say modern, it’s relative, songs from 94 are not really new, they’re 20 years old already. But anyway, they’re modern in a way, aren’t they?
This list has my personal taste as judge and it may not please your ears, but knowing new music isn’t that bad is it?

So here it is:

1. Threshold - Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams
Album: Dead Reckoning (2007) 

2. Kansas – I Can Fly
Album: Freaks Of Nature (1995)

3. Tool – Schism
Album: Lateralus (2001)

4. Spock’s Beard – Thoughts
Album: Beware Of Darkness (1996)

5. Pink Floyd – High Hopes
Album: The Division Bell (1994)

6. Little Tragedies – Kpect (Cross)
Album: Kpect (2008)

7. Riverside – Out Of Myself
Album: Out Of Myself (2003)

8. Finisterre – La Mia Identità
Album: La Meccanica Naturale (2004)

9. Magic Pie – Change
Album: Motions Of Desire (2005)

10. The Flower Kings – Love Supreme
Album: Adam & Eve (2004)

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