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Best Of 2013: Top 10 By Jason Spencer

This year we thought in doing lists of the best 2013 albums. As you saw before we had done it with the readers' choice (HERE) and we even did Podcasts about it (HERE). Now it's time for us to do some personal lists!

We already published the list from Kev Rowland (HERE). So it's time to move on with the second one!

Jason Spencer lives in Ohio and writes to Power Of, Progarchives and of course, here on Progshine.

Interested in reading Jason's reviews? CLICK HERE and have fun!

Here it is the top 10 albums from 2013 in Jason Spencer opinion:

1.  Haken - The Mountain

Haken's winning streak goes on with a masterpiece of epic proportions. With new and reinvented ideas, Haken explores new musical, emotional, and conceptual territory.

Key song: 'Cockroach King'

2. Projected Twin - Earth Vs. World

This Aussie independent project brings the melody, the pure rock, and an incredible vocal performance. With atmosphere to spare, Projected Twin has crafted an album to be remembered.

Key song: 'The Ritual'

3. Sound Of Contact - Dimensionaut

Simon Collins, son of Phil, has very probably bested his father in the progressive department. With a potent mix of space rock, Floydian atmospheres, and prog rock that is simply catchy, Simon has crafted a well-written and conceptual masterwork.

Key song: 'Beyond Illumination'

4. The Twenty Committee - A Lifeblood Psalm

This debut album from The Twenty Committee came out of nowhere. This group of guys brought the chops and the melody to compete with the big boys. With strong lyrical content and the balls to write the music they want, TTC is destined for great things.

Key song: 'The Knowledge Enterprise'

5. Hibernal - The Machine

Mark Healy's solo project Hibernal produced its debut album in fine style. As a conceptual story told through the spoken word with musical accompaniment, Hibernal's debut is incredibly sophisticated and philosophically tight. With emotional moments and wonderful guitar work, Hibernal is more of an experience than an album.

Key song: 'Disconnection'

6. Echoes Of Giants - At The End Of Myself

This debut album from this two man group is something of an anomaly. The music focuses more on supporting the strong lyrical content, but the music remains beautiful, structured, and simply memorable. Less technical than some albums, its strength lies in its ability to gripped its listeners.

Key song: 'My First Breath'

7. Oblivion Sun - The High Places

This album from Oblivion Sun is a real grower. What begins as a funky little journey for me has now become a regular part of my playlist. With awesome guitars and keys, a silky-smooth vocalist, and imagination, Oblivion Sun has crafted a unique album that I can't stop playing.

Key song: 'The High Places'

8. Bader Nana - Anthology

This solo artist from Kuwait has a knack for crafting brilliant songs all by himself. The album starts off with one of the best tracks of 2013, and doesn't lose steam through all of its splendid guitar work, fantastic keys and drums, and charming personality.

Key song: 'The Discovery (Apsinthos)'

9. Riverside - Shrine Of New Generation Slaves

One of the best progressive bands around has released a strong album full of masterful concepts, 70's vibe, and dark passages. This band just keeps on clicking with no signs of stopping.

Key song: 'Deprived (Irretrievably Lost Imagination)'

10. Votum - Harvest Moon

This Polish band made quite a splash with their third album. Harvest Moon (2013) is a tremendous journey through darkness, angst, and incredible instrumentation. With its bass-driven format, this album excels in just about everything, especially emotion.

Key song: 'Dead Ringer'

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  1. Now Jason, this was an interesting list. A bit unusual than I would expect! Votum is a band I wanted to listen and ended up passing. Will do it because of the list :)


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