Monday, January 06, 2014


Podcast Special #6 (Best Of 2013 Part 1)

Hello, hello everyone! I am Diego Camargo and you’re listening the Progshine Podcast, this time with a special edition!

This is our special episode number 6 and it’s even more special because this is the first part of our Best Of 2013 Albums Survey.

The first 15 positions will be presented today in this 2 hours special and next Monday we’re having the second part with the other 15 albums.

Check the Results of the survey RIGHT HERE.

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Below you'll find the episode embedded and all the info of what was played and the links to buy the records. Enjoy!


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Songs played in this episode:
- Background music: Camelias Garden - Clumsy Grace / from the album You Have A Chance (2013) - Buy it here!
1. Steven Wilson - The Pin Drop / from the album The Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories - Buy it here!
2. Big Big Train - Curator Of Butterflies / from the album English Electric Part Two  - Buy it here!
3. Haken - Atlas Stone / from the album The Mountain - Buy it here!
4. Riverside - Feel Like Falling / from the album Shrine Of The New Generation Slaves - Buy it here!
5. Spock's Beard - Afterthoughts / from the album Brief Nocturnes And Dreamless Sleep - Buy it here!
6. Sound Of Contact - Cosmic Distance Ladder / from the album Dimensionaut - Buy it here!
7. Moon Safari - Too Young To Say Goodbye / from the album Himlabacken Vol 1 - Buy it here!
8. Cosmograf - Beautiful Treadmill / from the album The Man Left In Space - Buy it here!
9. The Tangent - Afternoon Malaise / from the album Le Sacre Du Travail - Buy it here!
10. Anathema - Everything / from the album Universal - Buy it here!
11. Lifesigns - Fridge Full Of Stars / from the album Lifesigns - Buy it here!
12. Comedy Of Errors - Something She Said / from the album Fanfare & Fantasy - Buy it here!
13. Elephants Of Scotland - Home Away From Home / from the album Home Away From Home - Buy it here!
14. Magenta - Ladyland Blues / from the album The Twenty Seven Club - Buy it here!
15. Fish - Crucifix Corner / from the album A Feast Of Consequences - Buy it here!



  1. Excellent selection! Just one remark: The track at #4 (Riverside) is not "Deprived (Irretrievably Lost Imagination)" but "Feel Like Falling".

  2. Robert, thanks a lot for your comment and correction.

    I actually named my mp3 version of the album wrong, I had to and check my cd to be completely sure that I was wrong, and I was :P

    Thanks again and corrected!


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