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Review: Il Cerchio D'Oro - Dedalo E Icaro (2013)

Artist: Il Cerchio D'Oro
Album: Dedalo E Icaro
Year: 2013
Label: Black Widow Records

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: Since the comeback of the Italian band Il Cerchio D'Oro in late 2000’s I’ve been paying attention to them. Their first proper studio album Il Viaggio Di Colombo (2008) was released by Black Widow Records a few years ago and I got a vopy to review. Now 5 years later the Italian label once again presents us with another album by the band, their second concept album Dedalo E Icaro (2013).

The base of the band is still the same with Gino Terribile (drums and backing vocals), Giuseppe Terribile (bass, acoustic guitars and backing vocals), Franco Piccolini (keyboards), Roberto Giordana (guitars) and Piuccio Pradal (vocals and 12 string guitar). But now they also have Bruno Govone (guitars) in their line-up.
As in their previous album, the band was smart enough to have its Italian lyrics translated into English in the booklet, there’s also a track-by-track explanation of the concept behind it.

The eight tracks in Dedalo E Icaro (2013) are still in the same Symphonic style of their previous album, but slightly better produced as we can see in the opening song ‘Il Mio Nome È Dedalo’. It’s visible that Piuccio Pradal has his voice weakened by the years, but that really doesn’t ruin the listening experience.
Following the story we have the good instrumental ‘Labirinto’ and on the next track we have the intro of ‘La Promessa’ with the trademark of the band, many vocals at once forming a great melody. The track has also many great double guitars and synths.
‘L’Alma Vincente’ is acoustic driven and has some weird drums sounds that I’m not very fond of!

‘Una Nuova Realtà’ is a strong track with a great intro. Gotta love this organ leading the song with some great riffs and with heavy guitars in the background. This riff is the backbone of the song. The song also has some great vocals towards the end.
‘Oggi, Volerò’ is another song with a great (and fat) intro and good guitar solos, almost Hard Rock, but in a Deep Purple way. As soon as the vocals begin the Symphonic sound led by organ and acoustic guitars comes back to life. Great track!
‘Il Sogno Spezzato’ is another great track! Broken tempo in the rhythms and a weird melody are the main points here.

Final song on Dedalo E Icaro (2013) is ‘Ora Che Non Qui (La Fine De Icaro)’ and it has some really nice acoustic guitars. But there’s so much echo in the vocals that it became quite hard to really enjoy the final result. A shame because it’s a good piece of music and a fitting ending to the album/concept. The strongest point on the track is the great sax solo by Martin Grice.

With Dedalo E Icaro (2013) Il Cerchio D'Oro proves to be a strong name on the new Italian scene (even if they’ve been around since late 70’s) and I would recommend the band for everyone that appreciate the Progressive Rock made in Italy. And it includes Dedalo E Icaro (2013) too!

The band was included in our Podcast #19 and you can listen 'Una Nuova Realtà' HERE.

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