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Review: Syzygy - A Glorious Disturbance (2012)

Artist: Syzygy
Album: A Glorious Disturbance
Year: 2012
Label: Self released

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: Projects like this one always make me feel good about music! Bands like Syzygy play their music for love and they know that if they do it with quality they can release boxes like A Glorious Disturbance (2012).

Syzygy is an American band and we all know that the USA doesn’t have a great tradition within Progressive music. Here’s a band trying to defy that!
In fact, it is a bit weird to have a band like Syzygy, that has only 3 studio albums, to release a massive triple live package with CD and 2 DVDs. But maybe because the story of the band goes back  20 years ago this makes this release a special gift for fans and for the band itself!

A Glorious Disturbance (2012) was released towards the end of 2012 and shows us the band in 2 different concerts: 3RP Festival that took place in 2009 when the band was releasing their album Realms Of Eternity (2009); and Day Of Prog Festival that happened in 2010.

The audio on the CD version was brilliantly recorded and the band formed by Carl Baldassarre (guitar and vocals), Sam Giunta (keyboards), Paul Mihacevich (drums and percussion), Al Rolik (bass) and the special guest Mark Boals (vocals), was sharp as a new knife! Syzygy plays with passion and perfection.
‘Mount Ethereal’ is a modern Prog classic and you can hear why in this version!

The first DVD contains the 2 full concerts. In the 2009 show they had multiple cameras filming and you can actually see how much the band enjoyed the show!
In the 2010 concert they had a big screen on the stage and again numerous cameras. Both concerts are simply filmed but very professionally and you have a great sound and many details!
‘Circadian Rhythm’ is such an amazing song in the DVD set.
To close wonderfully the DVD, after over an hour of great Syzygy material they close with 2 cover songs: ‘In The Dead Of The Night (UK) and ‘Burn’ (Deep Purple). On the last one Mark Boals does such an amazing job with the vocals! Just amazing!

Now, the live content is just amazing and alone they are worth the box, but I admit that my favorite disc is the third one, with the special features. I always love special features on DVDs.
There’s a round table with the band members where they tell us their own story bit by bit. Just great!
We also have a big interview with band leader Carl Baldassarre, a kind of making off with the process of writing their previous album, which is just astonishing, and also an interview with singer Mark Boals.

A Glorious Disturbance (2012) is the best business card for a band ever! If you’re a fan this is a must have, if you’re new to the band it’s also a must have and finally if you’re into Prog at all this is a huge must have!
And if you ever wondered where all the great Prog bands have gone… Syzygy is your answer! So, what you’re waiting for!?!?

Highly recommended!

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