Friday, April 25, 2014


News: Apocalypse Release Innovative Interactive Video

Apocalypse releases interactive video.

The Brazilian band Apocalypse innovates the Progressive Rock scene with their new interactive video.
The track is called 'On The Way To The Stars' and is present on their latest studio album 2012 Light Years From Home (2011).
Celebrating 30 years the band decided to do something new and recorded the video for 'On The Way To The Stars' as a 360° interactive video. This means that you can move around the video with your mouse and see what you want. The video was recorded on Brazil in the Parque da Guarita, in Torres.

You can watch the video and interact with it on the band's official website HERE.

There's also a normal version of the video on Youtube and you can watch it below:

Source: Press release

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