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Review: Osada Vida - Where The Devils Live [DVD] (2012)

Artist: Osada Vida
Album: Where The Devils Live (DVD)
Year: 2012
Label: Metal Mind Productions

Review: Diego Camargo


Thoughts: A few months ago I reviewed the latest studio album by the Polish band, Osada Vida. The album is called Particles (2013) and you can read that review HERE.
Metal Mind (the label of the group) also sent me their latest DVD to review. The DVD is called Where The Devils Live (2012) and even if it’s a 2012 release it’s interesting to review because it closes a circle for Osada Vida.

The DVD was recorded in a pretty Teatr Śląski im. Stanisława Wypiańskiego in Katowice, Poland, on November 10, 2011. Where The Devils Live (2012) shows Osada Vida still having the bass player Łukasz Lisiak as the lead singer of the band, the fact that would change later when they announced their new singer Marek Majewski for the aforementioned album Particles (2013).

It’s interesting to note that after the instrumental intro of ‘Remember Your Name’ the band gives continuity to the concert with the energetic track ‘Hard-Boiled Wonderland’, that would only be recorded in their next studio album one year later with Marek on the vocals.

Sonically speaking Osada Vida is just great, especially in the instrumental parts and each musician of the band (Łukasz Lisiak - bass / Rafał Paluszek - keyboards / Bartek Bereska - guitars / Adam Podzimski - drums) shines in their respective instruments. Tracks like ‘Uninvited Dreams’ and ‘Brain’ show it very clearly.

Visually Where The Devils Live (2012) is simple but highly professional with great camera moves. The DVD doesn’t present any special effects with the exception of a few tracks like the heavier ‘Muscle’ where we have some slow-motion effects and images that overlap the band playing on stage and on the instrumental track ‘Is That Devil From Spain Too!’ that after a short presentation shows us once again images that overlap the band on stage. In general, the DVD focuses on the band action and it has a very good photography.
The few words spoken by Łukasz are in Polish, but wisely the DVD has legends in English.

All in all, after the ten tracks presented on Where The Devils Live (2012) we have the sensation that Osada Vida is a great live band, despite the vocals being weak (that’s exactly why the band got a new lead singer). The DVD shows a band very well-rehearsed in an impeccable recording that includes 2.0 and 5.1 sound in a 16:9 aspect ratio screen.
Not just that, Where The Devils Live (2012) would be the last live register with this Osada Vida’s line-up, since apart from a new singer the band now also has a new guitar player. Bartek Bereska that recorded this DVD, has no longer played with them since the beginning of this year.

As bonus material on the DVD we have an interview with the founding member of the band Łukasz Lisiak and Rafał Paluszek. In this interview they talk about the story of the band answering questions from an unknown interviewer (as it is common in Metal Mind DVDs interviews). There’s also a mini making of from the preparations for the concert that resulted in the DVD. There’s also biography, discography, photo gallery and Desktop images.

Resuming, Where The Devils Live (2012) is a great collector item for any fan of the Polish band!

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