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News: Amon Düül II - New Studio Album & 5 Of Their Albums Re-edited In Vinyl

Amon Düül II releases new studio album after 20 years & re-release several albums in LP format.

On April 29, Cleopatra Records will roll out a series of limited edition deluxe vinyl re-issues of 5 albums by the iconic German band Amon Düül II! Each album has been meticulously put together with digitally remastered audio made specifically for these re-issues, 180 gram colored vinyl packaged in glue-on heavyweight chip board jackets, and sequentially numbered. The first 2 re-issues to appear will be the debut album Phallus Dei (1969) and the then Wolf City (1972). The following month will see the release of the double LP Dance Of The Lemmings (1971), followed in June by 2 more – Vive La Trance (1973) and an extra special lenticular jacket printing of the double LP Yeti (1970), which will be limited to just 500 copies.

As thrilling as these re-releases are, what’s more exciting is the long awaited return of this German outfit after a nearly 20-year absence from the music world with a new album, Düülirium (2014)! This new album features 3 of the group’s founding members – guitarist John Weinzierl, guitarist/violinist Chris Karrer, and vocalist Renate Knaup – and will be simultaneously released on both CD and vinyl on June 10.

“Amon Düül never used to present the same style on their albums,” explains guitarist John Weinzierl. “We like to develop our music into all kinds of directions and sometimes we don’t even know where it’s gonna lead us. We don’t follow a pattern only because it is successful. Since 2000 we’ve used lots of elements of world music, we had eastern influences, ethnological sounds, and of course we never forgot ‘sound painting’.” When asked if there was a concept behind this new album, Weinzierl expounded, “Avoiding industry music, heading for new frontiers.”

1. On The Highway (Mambo La Liberta)
2. Du Kommst Ins Heim
3. Standing In The Shadow
4. Back To The Rules / Walking To The Park

Düülirium (2014) will be available at all fine music stores, including iTunes, starting June 10.

To order your copy of any of the albums click HERE.

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