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News: Jack O' The Clock's New Album - Night Loops

Jack O' The Clock releases new studio album.

The American band Jack O' The Clock is back with a new album!

The band come with a brand new album called Night Loops (2014) after the fantastic and well-received All My Friends (2013) (read the review HERE).

Night Loops (2014) is Jack O' The Clock's fourth studio album. In the words of the band itself, the album is: "A year plus in the making, it is an immersive journey into the subterranean landscapes of the night, with all its provocations and obsessions."

The album is available right now through Bandcamp in various digital formats and itt will be available on CD through CDBaby and a number of other sources within a few days.

Night Loops (2014) features the band's core quintet: Damon Waitkus (voice, guitar, hammer dulcimer), Emily Packard (violins, voice), Kate McLoughlin (bassoon, voice, recorder), Jason Hoopes (bass, voice) and Jordan Glenn (drums / percussion, mallet percussion, voice).
Plus several guest appearances: Bobby Akash, Art Elliot, Karl Evangelista, Ivor Holloway, Sarah Howe, Josh Packard, Jonathan Russell, Eli Wise and Cory Wright.

You can listen the album below:

To order your copy of the album click HERE and in CD RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Just got this album a few days ago. There is so much music and depth to it - it will take weeks to peel it all back. "Come Back Tomorrow" for example, is incredibly rich, with catchy, spooky hooks, wonderful guitar, evocative story telling and pathos, beautiful arrangements, melodies and intricate textures in continual flux, sparse but exceptionally effective deep bass - this is the sort of musical experience that's kept me searching - and rewarding me - all my life.

  2. Indeed Werlon, Jack O' The Clock's music is something else. Something you have to really listen to instead of playing as background music :)

    Thanks for the great comment!


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