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News: Labirinto Release New EP As Free Download

An Endless Sporadic release their second single this year.

Brazilian band Labirinto strikes once again with a new EP. Masao (2014) was just released as a free download through the band's Bandcamp page!

Masao (2014) is a one track EP that was written in honor to Yoshida Masao, director of Fukushima plant in 2011, during the nuclear incidents and natural disasters that ravaged Japan. Yoshida and his work colleagues were known as the "50 heroes of Fukushima", for they remained at their posts after the nuclear alarm sounded, avoing an ever bigger disaster. Yoshida died of cancer in July 2013 while he was planning to help in the works to deactivate the plant.

Masao (2014) and it's title-track of more than 25 minutes long presents illustrations from Miller Guglielmo, that represents te saga of a samurai and its fight against an ancient Japanese demon.
Labirinto's tracks were mixed by the American engineer Greg Norman & Muriel Curi and recorded in the band's studio in São Paulo, Brazil. The EP is being released through their own label, Dissenso Records, with a helping hand of the labels The Sirens Sound (UK) and Oxide Tones (Germany).

Listen to the track below:

You can download the EP (and the whole discography of the band) RIGHT HERE.

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